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The Art Of The Deal

Adreland Deninard 2021-04-22

Politics can be a fickle thing in Eve Online.  Corporations cooperate to form alliances.  Alliances cooperate to form coalitions or blocs.  Heck, sometimes coalitions cooperate to form mega coalitions such as PAPI.  Tens of thousands of individual players cooperating on…

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The Imperium’s Marching Orders

David Matterall 2016-07-10

The Mittani and Goonswarm (GSF) leadership gave the State of the Goonion (SOTG) address yesterday, laying out their current situation, followed by their strategy going forward. Between 600-700 players piled into comms to hear the dense 20-minutepresentation, followed by 40…

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Imperium Obliterates MBC in Saranen

Submission 2016-05-19

SARANEN, Lonetrek — The Imperium, after being camped for days on their station, undocked and dealt a sound blow to the MBC. On May 16, just before 0100 EVE time, a fight kicked off on the Imperium’s staging station in…

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Anschau 2016-04-08

The Money Badgers Coalition (MBC) continued to make strong gains in a sovereignty see-saw heavily tilted in their favor as skirmishes raged across Tribute, Fade, and Pure Blind since Wednesday. While the MBC made gains in over two dozen systems, the Imperium was…

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Imperium Loses Capital Engagement in Pure Blind

Anschau 2016-04-08

The Imperium lost a dozen dreadnoughts and carriers last night around 23:00 EVE as an unexpected capital engagement escalated in the Pure Blind system of X-7OMU. A Hel from Psychotic Tendencies (TISHU) was returning home from a solo roam in L-TS8S to break up…