INIT. Leadership Update #37, 27/07/2016 “We’re just trash, you and me”

In a breaking development late on Sunday evening 24/07/2016, Initiative scouts on overwatch in TXW-EI (Syndicate) began reporting-in with increasing intensity as Psychotic Tendencies [TISHU] forces rapidly swelled in system and began urgently loading their Supercarrier fleet with Machariel (some still bearing the telltale cosmetic discolouring inflicted by micro jump drive field distortion). Working hurriedly off the back of a |REDACTED| surprise private broadcast, TISHU capsuleers burst into life, stripping their forward deployment Fortizar and moving ships out in preparation for an expected decommissioning sequence.

Earlier sightings of Apostle class force auxiliaries departing the Fortizar in procession had proved baffling, sparking speculation of an elaborate deployment stratagem. Such conjecture was rapidly put to rest as beacons fired in DY-F70 to signal the retreat of TISHU forces to Cloud Ring barely 14 days after their declaration of war against The Initiative.

And so as the garage door drops in DY-F70, so ends the war of Shekels, not with a bang but a whimper.

Scratching over the past 2 weeks events, there is precious little to report of interest save for one decisive encounter and a few skirmishes. For the most part, after being recalled from their seaside retreat in Curse, INIT. have been dug-in deep, waiting patiently to respond to opportunity targets whilst sending out the occasional entosis troll to provoke and frustrate. If Curse was their Vietnam, Syndicate is their Cambodia, or so they say;

  • Massacre of TISHU capital fleet whilst attempting to hot-drop a Galaxy Spiritus vs. Apotheosis. engagement
  • Cerberus fleet dispatched while attempting to kill a Citadel belonging to the Aesthetic Realism Foundation
  • 14-hour forced logout as surprise capital ship attack on an INIT. POS at DT was thwarted by a fast response team who anchored bubbles on the tower (with the exception of a lone Phoenix).
  • Another Machariel fleet dismembered by Snatch


Despite only a handful of engagements/defeats, sources have attributed the TISHU retreat to a loss of confidence, loss of motivation and frustration at being unable to accomplish objectives by freely deploying Supercaps without risk. The resultant outcome has seen a sharp drop in TISHU participation with reported in-fighting and many pilots left stranded in Syndicate behind enemy lines due to the unscheduled move op.

Such a withdrawal so early into a campaign has clearly affected TISHU morale, particularly given the view within some quarters of their senior leadership that they should “easily run rings around INIT(trash).”

More worryingly for the TISHU leadership are reports of unfulfilled reimbursement requests and spiraling debt. It will be interesting to see how TISHU respond; will we see a summer of Krabbing in Cloud Ring or a move back towards tighter integration with their role model entities of PL and NC.?

Whatever the outcome, we wish TISHU well; interactions with their rank and file has been cheerful & it would be hard not to agree that they’re probably a bunch of bloody good blokes just a bit down on their luck.

Coming Up

As for INIT., we’re going to carry on wandering around not knowing what the fuck we’re doing half the time. Although we may be dancing to the drums of an unexpectedly easy victory, I hope everyone keeps their feet on the ground and stays humble. We’ve been around long enough to experience the cycle of life and I’m sure we’ll be on the receiving end of a welp at some point in the future.

For the immediate short term we’re going to continue deployed in Syndicate as we have some unfinished business to respond to. Summer ice cream will need to wait a few more weeks I’m afraid.

Joiners & Leavers

A big hello to our new friends in The Graduates [TGRAD], Shadow Incursion [S1NS] and Fweddit [FW0RT]. It’s going to take a little while getting to know you all but I hope you have fun here and also help improve our reddit posting experiences.

New Auth Tool

You should all have seen this first version is now up and running and includes Slack integrations so please step on it and get signed up. More developments are in the pipeline and will be announced as they launch.



(As always, Alliance Updates are internal and external propaganda, and should be taken as such. This update comes to us from Sister Bliss, of The Initiative.)

This article originally appeared on, written by Sister Bliss.

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