Imperium News Network Launching FatBee_TV


Imperium News Network’s New Gaming Variety Channel Goes Live on August 10

Imperium News Network’s twitch channel is the premier source of EVE-related streaming content, like The Meta Show, Talking in Stations, The Open Comms Show, and Push to Talk. In an effort to focus our offering for you, we are creating a new variety game-play channel featuring the Imperium’s more playful “Fat Bee”-identity.

From August 10, all content on the main ImperiumNews channel will be EVE-related only. FatBee_TV is where you will find awesome non-EVE game-play and fun variety content from all over Twitch! While this is picking up, the team’s already hard at work bringing you the latest and greatest game releases, as well as competitive fun game play sessions with our streamers. This will, eventually lead to community-driven tournaments, and the possibility of eSports.

Separating our two main streams of content allows us to focus further on our audiences. Ever since the days of TheMittaniDotCom, EVE content was front and center on this page, with occasional forays into variety streams. As experience shows, satisfying both the variety-first crowd and the EVE-only folks has been proven to be difficult. Going forward, we can deliver exactly what our audiences need from both of Imperium News Networks channels and content.

Whether you are interested in variety content, or just want Imperium-approved fun while burning the north’s Keepstars down, Follow FatBee_TV and be there for August 10 and beyond.

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