Of Sudden Keepstars: FEDUP and the Great Western War


“We learned about the Keepstar in our space on Reddit, same as everyone else.”, says Federation Uprising (FEDUP) XO Silver Suspiria, when we got together last week. Federation Uprising is one of the more interesting participants in the Great Western War. It is one of the participants of what is colloquially known as Galmilistan, a stretch of null-sec conquered by Gallente Faction Warfare pilots out of boredom. Now FEDUP is blue to Imperial Legacy, at least as long as the war lasts.

FEDUP With The Imperium

As Silver tells it, the way FEDUP became involved in the war is pretty simple: “Psychotic Tendencies. (TISHU) ran a hell campaign for 2 months, nightly attacks on SOV and Structures, eventually they got Black Legion and even GOTG to come down for structure timers. Eventually, that caught the eye of USTZ Imperium Forces like TNT, INIT and CONDI. So we started working with those Imperium groups to fend off those attacks on our space, and worked really well together.”, they pause, “Then, of course, they dropped a Keepstar in our space.” Yet, he does not seem to be too bothered by it. When I ask him about how the alliance feels about hosting an Imperial Legacy Keepstar, he is positive: “To me it feels great, we have been trying to push the traditional boundaries of what a Militia can do and/or be a part of. Having this conflict on our porch is amazing!”

Pushing the boundaries

By its own accord, FEDUP is the largest of any of the faction warfare groups, mustering over 700 characters. Its largest corp is Aideron Robotics. According to Silver, the whole alliance functions like one giant corporation, and has the ability to form 40+ Machariels, and a growing capital force. At the same time, it maintains a newbie friendly attitude.  he recommends Aideron Robotics and Shepards Of Mettle as particularly newbie friendly groups).

“[In combat] we are extremely aggressive, and always want to be on campaign, we don’t have much downtime. We like to try and fight above our weight class as we see thats the way to always improve. We have a substantial EUTZ but USTZ is our strongest at the moment. We have doctrines and ships for all SP levels and encourage new pilots to come get in on it. Long term, we are a strongly motivated PVP alliance and we will look for combat wherever it is. Right now we have 2 homes, 1 in cloud ring and 1 in Fliet in low sec. This offers us the ability to switch back and forth with Ease from Null to Low. We train new pilots and help them along their path to PVP.”

In the short term, however, they are likely to fight alongside Imperial Legacy, as they take the North’s ripe-for-the-picking Keepstars. Silver was kind enough to share some of his best fights with us – enjoy!

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  • Ghost Dansing

    Sounds like a fun group.

    August 5, 2018 at 10:47 AM
  • Eli

    I really love these guys! They also share something in common with the Imperium’s early roots in Gallante space (where it started) and later in Intaki Syndicate, so there’s a cultural element that works. As well as seeing them out on fleets fighting the Northern Epidemic, they’re also great to trade with and I’m sure their marketeers, traders and importers are making quite a bit of coin off us Imperium Pilots, who are happy to share our wealth with our allies.

    August 6, 2018 at 2:59 AM