Alliance Profile: Federation Uprising


[Editor’s Note: This article comes to us from a member of Federation Uprising, and was submitted to us to celebrate their first anniversary]

Who are Federation Uprising?

Federation Uprising [FEDUP] is an alliance, at the time of writing, of around 900 members, living in the Southern region of the Gallente/Caldari war zone and the nullsec region of Cloud Ring in the Assilot constellation. An alliance run by a cadre of competent CEOs and directors, Federation Uprising does not have any one clear leader but has several figureheads, including Ashterothi, a frequent podcaster; Kontraband Venning, a fearless Fleet Commander; and Silver Suspiria, the voice of reason that keeps the various corporations together. FEDUP places an emphasis on providing the best environment for their members and giving them a wide range of activities to participate in while fostering a respectful and mature environment that focuses mainly on Player versus Player combat. Due to a combination of visibility as well as dedicated recruiters, Federation Uprising is the largest Faction Warfare alliance in the game by around 357 pilots, with Ushra’Khan coming in second place.

Federation Uprising is also a member of the Galmilistan coalition. Galmilistan is comprised of all the major sov holding and non-sov holding Gallente Militia alliances, including Pen Is Out, and Villore Accords. Together they hold most of Eastern Cloud Ring, repeatedly defending their territory against several alliances who sought to take over.

Where do they come from?

Federation Uprising is celebrating its one-year birthday. A year prior to this, the Caldari controlled most of the warzone, pushing the Gallente militia back to their last few systems. In response several Galmil corporations banded together under one alliance with the goal of pushing the Caldari back, forming Federation Uprising. Together with the other Galmil alliances, they pushed back the Caldari and the pendulum swung in their favor, giving the Gallente the upper hand as they retook many systems.

Galmil pushed the Caldari back and beat them to the point that the warzone grew stale, and so they looked to null for action. What started out as a hunt for content quickly turned into a full-blown invasion of eastern Cloud Ring. The Gallente militia alliances, who would later be known by their enemies as the Galmilistan coalition, evicted the previous residents and claimed the systems as their own.

Federation Uprising has a policy of being mostly neutral in many conflicts, being only permanently blue with their fellow Gallente Militia alliances. Federation Uprising has clashed with Panfam specifically several times due to Panfam harboring several unfriendly entities. This has, in turn, fostered a rivalry between neighboring Panfam sympathizers, drawing much-needed content to the Cloud Ring area.

Since then, Federation Uprising has been equally active both in the Gallente and Caldari war zone, as well as in Cloud Ring and neighboring regions. They have cemented themselves as one of the finest fighting forces in the area going toe-to-toe with fleets from major power blocs such as Pandemic Horde and Goonswarm Federation.

What are the positives of joining?

Federation Uprising has many positives which strongly encourage players to join. These include:

  • Week-long bouts of 23/7 PVP content with free ships handed out to all members in the form of system sieges.
  • Training fleets for newer players and fun activities for all.
  • Access to a high variety of activities, from solo frigate PVP to large battleship fleets, nullsec ratting, moon mining, and exploration.
  • A strong industrial backbone. Being a PVP group means losing a lot of ships, which means our ship producers are working round the clock producing everything from Tristans to Revelations. A large majority of materials are produced in-house and not imported, which means money flows through the alliance, and not having to import many ships from outside sources.
  • A well-trusted courier service. FEDUP’s courier service allows for quick and cheap transportation of materials throughout lowsec, Cloud Ring, and Jita.

What are the negatives of joining?

I would be too biased if I said there were no negatives of joining. Just as joining any alliance there are always a few downsides:

  • Federation Uprising is under a permanent war. As such, players in the opposing militias can shoot us anywhere, even highsec. This also means that Caldari and Amarr highsec are off limits because both navy forces will hunt you down in their space. This includes the Jita trade hub. This can easily be mitigated through the use of alts and our freighter service.
  • Federation Uprising, while being the largest faction warfare alliance in the game, doesn’t have the numbers of major nullblocs, and rely on quality over quantity. This is overcome with excellent FCs and capable pilots.
  • Federation Uprising is sometimes looked down upon by other lowsec groups for having null sov. and mockingly calling them a “nullsec” group, and some nullsec groups look down on them for being a Faction Warfare alliance and being a lowsec group.

What are they up to at the moment?

Federation Uprising at the moment is resting from Lowsec after a week-long campaign in Oicx, a system next to a Caldari home system, and which saw over 12000 ships destroyed in just under a week. They will continue to wreak havoc through both Lowsec and the regions surrounding Cloud Ring.

Federation Uprising has also just celebrated its one year anniversary as an alliance.

If you want to join Federation Uprising, the best way to get in touch is through their discord at: FEDUP Discord.

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