Fozziesov has been out in the wild for a few days now, but it affected the nullsec landscape months before its deployment. Coalitions and alliances have consolidated territory (or outright moved) in preparation for the transition, and rental programs have been cut adrift as less-valuable territory has been abandoned.

Recently announced changes have made rental agreements practical again, and have greatly increased the potential value of nullsec space. Goonswarm Federation has announced a new renter program that gives renting corporations and alliances access to a large variety of in-game and out-of-game resources with an interesting twist: there are no fixed rental fees.

Instead, renting entities will pay 25% of ratting income, plus a flat fee per POS in rented space. This is in addition to a one-time entry fee, which is lighter for smaller corporations.

Interested parties should visit the official information thread, which contains all the salient details. An Imperium-wide announcement from Aryth regarding this development has been reproduced below. The standard disclaimer about all alliance announcements being meant for an internal audience where it is considered gospel truth by members, and vile propaganda by all others applies.

EVE has changed quite a lot in the past couple weeks. Fozziesov was a major event for EVE. It is reshaping how null is fought for and held already. What we largely believed would happen is happening. The Imperium was ready for this while almost no one else was. This is Lord of the Flies. 300 timers in the first 2 days with almost every region in EVE experiencing some form of SOV trolling. We had prepared for that. We were comfortable with that. In addition to Fortress Dek, our lower truesec holdings were going to be DMZ’ed and a scorched earth. We would only care about R64s and preventing hostiles from holding SOV as a base.

Then CCP dropped a bomb shortly before the patch. They massively upgraded nullsec anomalies. Systems that were previously effectively unusable due to bad truesec can now spawn havens and other high end anoms in limited numbers. Systems with great truesec also saw proportional gains. Overnight this increased Deklein to a 20k alliance region, and Pure blind another 5K on top of that. Think of it like doubling the carrying capacity of our space in one swoop. Then, the cherry on top. Wormholes were nerfed. This was a major buff to not only Deklein but our ability to implement a plan we had been sitting on for years. We aren’t ready to release that particular plan yet.

When you combine these three events it creates a major opportunity for GSF. We have space we can use suddenly. We have a need to fill that space as it is worth having now. Pure Blind must be filled with bodies and ISK generation. The additional tax revenue means we don’t’ have to look at more taxation of our membership to feed a growing alliance. We are again the #1 alliance by size. Especially when the lack of purges in Brave means they are likely 50% the size in real fighting weight or less. The wine and ISK must keep flowing in this new EVE. Pouring that wine will be renters. If you want wine poured into your greedy mouth in this new EVE…that renter is in your house. In this case that house is Pure Blind and in the Alliance. Our house is a fortress of safety. When the rest of EVE has went thunderdome we abide.


Density matters: Density is a factor of safety in the new SOV system. The safer you are the more dense you can be. The more dense you can be the safer you are. I don’t mean this at an alliance level so much as an individual system level. The ideal scenario for an individual trying to live and earn ISK in null space is to be in a system with 10+ blues and great truese with max upgrades. Throw on standing fleets, intel, and really bored supercapital pilots you get Deklein. Deklein can suddenly hold more players in addition to needing to fill half of Pure Blind. More changes are coming in 6-9 months we believe that are going to determine the future of EVE. CCP has a Jesus feature we call “newpos” due winterish timeframe. This will juice density even further.

ISK matters: You like free shit. We like giving you free shit. That standard of living comes with a price. Lots of growth was leading us down a road of new taxation soon. But this will eliminate it for quite some time to come barring other changes by CCP.

Meta matters: Obviously there are schemes within schemes here. We can be open to some degree about that. Of course there are greater plans and long term goals. However, being the only superpower left means we are doing something right. Mega-alliances are the future. There are various meta reasons for this but they all point to that one truth. One mega alliance can kick over almost every sandcastle in EVE right now. At the same fucking time. Guess who that is going to be. CCP has made noises about nerfing the value of someone grinding your index that isn’t in your alliance. This avoids that possible nerf.

Effort matters: People don’t like doing repetitive shit unless it is making them ISK and even then there is a threshold. This is one reason why a citizen militia works so well. Efficient distribution of wealth. Efficient distribution of Effort. The new system adds a great deal of effort to generate that same wealth. Manageable easiest through more bodies. We have always tried to maintain the highest standard of living with the lowest amount of work.

GSF has always been a citizen militia. The people that benefit the most from the alliance should be those that fight for it. You fight you stay. That must continue. Those who fight the best should continue to get the best. Generous SRP and the best ratting there is combined with the best industry there is has made Deklein into a wonderland.

Pure Blind is a different matter. This is space that was previously unrentable due to how shit it was. It was a flyover zone only used for moons and logistics and left to lie fallow otherwise. You didn’t even need to defend it as no one wanted it anyway. Renters using a Free for All system in GSF SOV in Pure Blind can fill this space quickly.. Renters get no Deklein access, GSF has full Free-for-All in Pureblind. Renters live only in Pure Blind. Anyone, renters or members can rat or mine or tower freely in Pure Blind. I encourage you to get towers you want down now before the unwashed masses arrive with their cardboard boxes.

The How: Renting will come in two flavors. Individual Renter joining NOBUX or a corporation joining GSF. Both will have taxation set at 25% in addition to any station or POCO taxes they may incur. MIning would largely be untaxed as there are no good mechanics for it.You also want to encourage it as it is the hardest index to raise.

This classification of Renters is being called “Section 8”. They will have their own forum, they cannot join SIGS. They have no PAP requirements and no membership or stakeholder status. We eventually want to give them a penned off jabber/mumble but that is still in the works. If they want to join Pure Blind defense fleets no problem. AWOXers and spies are better off joining Karmafleet for full access to Deklein. Standard rules on payback of AWOX are in effect. Upfront payments for corps and individuals is also required.This was never much of an issue in PBLRD where the ganks were a lot easier.

The rental team will function much the same as it did for PBLRD. The main difference is all of this ISK will go directly to GSF while also being inside GSF itself for easier management, easier mechanics, and a hell of a lot easier infrastructure. Agents will continue to get a commission for finding renters.

Moons in Pure Blind will be taxed normally. Again, if you want reaction farms I suggest you do it now. Primo spots will go almost immediately.

The ISK: If you want in on the ISK you need to recruit. Recruiters are going to be paid a flat fee based on the size of the corp or # of renters they enroll. This payment will be in the billions each corp. Think of it like scamming, without the scamming part. The main difference is DJ’s Retirement Fund (our executor corp) gets the ISK and then we pay you. Bookkeeping is a bitch. If you want to make fat ISK hit up either Kathao Crendraven or Clewara when she returns.

Obviously some anti-scamming rules will come back in relation to renters. Or you could just look at it as legit recruiting now. Renters are going to be heavily policed to only keep the very best ones around. Arbitrary changes to the rules will likely come to make sure they stay in line and produce. The focus will be on larger more capable renters.

The initial compensation and fee structure is for launch. We may change how we charge renters up a bit based on how many are industry vs ratting focused. I want to encourage industry and mining and that means we want to avoid a recurring monthly fee if we can. If this turns out not to be effective we will change it.


Q – What if I find a Renter in Deklein?

A – We likely are going to let you shoot them in the face. The rule will be if their killmail is Fade/Deklein they die. This would also apply to other parts of the Imperium. Remains to be seen if this will be an issue or not. Someday we may want them using the YA0 market area to buy goon goods. So this is subject to change. They are never going to be allowed to consume Deklein resources outside a Market. We also want to ensure our inhouse JF services are the ones servicing Deklein.

Q – What rights are they getting summary?

A – They can Rat, PI, Mission, Mine, Reaction Tower, Exploration all in GSF Sov in Pure Blind only. Think of it like FFA where renters can roam around the region. This eliminates tying them to a single system.

Q – Why not use PBLRD overlaid on top of GSF Sov?

A – This adds complexity, they can’t sovlazor for us, and CCP is looking at nerfing that exact structure as it is the most obvious way to adapt to the new Sov mechanics. We will be one major step ahead of that. CCP will have no way to nerf this model as it is essentially the model they want. Artificial caps on size is about all they can do and we have a plan for that too. The entire directorate having the same access is essentially required in the new Sov. PBLRD had a skeleton crew of people running it as that was all that was required before.

Q – Awoxers/spies oh god?

A – They can already get into some GSF corps if they have a pulse. Having a whole corp join changes the dynamic somewhat but it is still very easily mitigated. We have a ton of altcorps so there is no real threat of a takeover as it would require hundreds of votes. This one has the added factor of requiring an upfront payment to us to cover possible awoxing and also limits them to Pure Blind. Very suboptimal. However, they will have access to Alliance chat so be somewhat careful of what you put there.

Q – How many Corps or People do we want to add?

A – We would hope membercorp recruiting adds another 8k dudes to the alliance. Renters we hope to add another 3-5K dudes to fill up Pure Blind. Essentially we can double the size of the 13K alliance right now. It will take time but hundreds if not 1k within a short period is very doable.

Q – How much does this add up to?

A – The renters alone will likely add about the same as the current moon tax system. It will take time to scale up to that level but it is significant enough to cover most of a peacetime SRP month by itself.

Q – How do we easily see renters in Dek?

A – They will have a special renter tag in their corp description. Also you can set personal standings to easily see them in space. Unfortunately we cannot set them as special standings that trickle down. We will publish the list of rental corps.

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