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Renting in EVE: An Analysis

Multiple Authors 2021-02-25

In a previous article, “The Wealth of Alliances,” we explored various ways alliances create ISK and how those game mechanisms affect the general health of those groups. We suggested that some activities bring resources such as ore and blueprints into…

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Paragon Soul hit by mass Entosis

mistwarden 2020-07-06

Shortly after the NIP ended between Legacy and the Imperium on July 5, Imperium forces descended on the region of Paragon Soul to set 35 entosis timers into action. In addition, 10 jump bridges, nine cyno beacons, and miscellaneous citadels were…

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Riley 2015-07-19

Fozziesov has been out in the wild for a few days now, but it affected the nullsec landscape months before its deployment. Coalitions and alliances have consolidated territory (or outright moved) in preparation for the transition, and rental programs have…