AT Frigate Destroyed: Imp Down in Catch


Yet another Alliance Tournament frigate has been destroyed! This time it was an Imp in the nullsec region of Catch.

The Imp at a glance

This is only the third Imp to ever be destroyed since they were given out as the Alliance Tournament XIII prize to the top four teams. The Imp is a special edition Sansha’s Nation Interceptor. It gets the standard bonuses for being an Interceptor, with a 15% reduction is Microwarpdrive signature radius penalty per level and a 5% bonus to Warp Scrambler/Distributor optimal range per level. Caldari racial gives it gets a 20% bonus to Afterburner velocity per level. Amarr racial gives it gets a 7.5% bonus to Small Energy Turret tracking speed per level.

For its role bonuses, it gets a 250% bonus to Small Energy Turret Damage, along with an 80% reduction in Propulsion Jamming systems activation cost. And because it’s an Interceptor, it is immune to Warp Disruption Fields in all sizes and flavors.

With the Small Energy Turret Damage bonus, this little Interceptor can definitely pack a punch just like all of the Alliance Tournament frigates. Along with that punch, the Imp being an Interceptor can be devilishly difficult to catch and pin down. So, what happened to our pilot today?

Gate is red!

INN was able to get a hold of Samantha Myth just after the loss occurred at 02:17 Eve time. When asked about the event, Samantha stated that she was smartbombed on a gate while moving the ship to safer space over concerns of server performance issues. Samantha was on her way home when she was bombed by four Machariels flown by pilots from xHELLonEARTHx, solo killers, and Jebediah Kerman’s Junkyard and Spaceship Parts Co.

It has been confirmed that this is indeed the same Imp that was stolen from Casper24 of the coveted “Amamake Police” in the 300 Billion ISK heist documented in this Reddit post. Samantha Myth was the individual who managed to pull off the sixteen-month heist which included stealing two Alliance Tournament frigates, this Imp and a Chremoas (which was destroyed just over a week ago).

Samantha Myth had one final statement to wrap up the Amamake Police heist saga:

Fly it like I stole it

Special thanks to Samantha Myth for answering our questions.

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