Eve x Japan: New Localization Coming for Japanese-speaking Players


In an article by CCP Dopamine posted late on Setember 24, CCP Games announced that Japanese localization for Eve Online was in the works for a winter 2020 release. Additionally, a localized twitter account and official forum section were opened as part of these efforts.

Mixed rumblings of both appreciation and discontent have come from the community following the announcement. Such feelings stem from past complaints levied against CCP about a lack of new localizations, or updates to said localizations, for their languages for several years.

Some of the complaints levied have merit, such as the 5 page petition by Russian players to CCP Hilmar. Some of the more public complaints date back as far as 4 years ago to various Reddit threads, and which reportedly have received no response or follow up. However, as Japanese localization was among a number of localization efforts to be terminated in the past (reported by Reddit user ‘furanka-‘ in this thread) the announcement by CCP may signal a return to their past commitments.

Will you be affected by these localization efforts? Have you been on the short end of CCP’s previous attempts at EVE Online localization? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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