EVE Online 2019 Recap | January to June


So, with the year drawing to a close, this is normally the time I’d sit down with my colleagues to chat about the goings on in the year and bandy about the normal topics: Who did the most to change EVE Online in 2019? What was the most important event? Did everyone overlook something that ended up being super significant later on in the year?

Rather than keep this all to ourselves, this year I decided to get together two of said colleagues, Dirk Stetille and January Valentine, representing Imperium News and Talking in Stations respectively. Together, we went through every major event in the year in chronological order to provide an understanding of the to-and-fro of politics in what has been labelled (perhaps erroneously) as a quiet year.

This will cover all the politics, wars and CCP actions that ended up shifting the balance of power in the nebulous thing that is referred to by the playerbase as “The Metagame”. Or, at least, what has leaked out from that sphere and into the public eye.

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