2019 Recap

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EVE Online 2019 Recap | Final Thoughts

Jin'taan 2020-01-28

With the past two episodes, myself, Dirk Stetille and January Valentine worked through the major events of the past year in chronological order. There we discussed the impacts that those individual events had, and how they all bled into one…

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EVE Online 2019 Recap | July to December

Jin'taan 2020-01-22

If you listened to the previous episode, you should know what to expect from this. Once again, this episode features Dirk Stetille January Valentine, and myself. We are, respectively an editor, a producer, and a content creator from different sites…

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EVE Online 2019 Recap | January to June

Jin'taan 2019-12-27

So, with the year drawing to a close, this is normally the time I’d sit down with my colleagues to chat about the goings on in the year and bandy about the normal topics: Who did the most to change…