EVE Online 2019 Recap | July to December


If you listened to the previous episode, you should know what to expect from this. Once again, this episode features Dirk Stetille January Valentine, and myself. We are, respectively an editor, a producer, and a content creator from different sites within the EVE Online news sphere. And we have been discussing the many events of 2019 and their impact on the game.

Despite going for 3 hours in the first episode, we only got through the first half of the year. That speaks to just how many events and actions merit attention. So, in this video, we will be wrapping up the year with a look over the last 6 months of 2019. It was a time where the Chaos Era entered full swing, along with the Legacy-Winter War in the South-East, and which finished up with the bold closing actions as the Tenal War broke out in the closing weeks.

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