Good Sax Keepstar Dies to TEST


Early on January 20, in the system of 37S-KO in the Stain region, the effective might of Test Alliance Please Ignore’s (TAPI) titan fleet was demonstrated with the destruction of a Keepstar owned by Good Sax Roads and Malls Dept. The owners have expressed previously that they were surprised the Keepstar survived as long as it did.

A total of 956 players made it onto the killmail according to this battle report, with the final blow and top damage going to Aleksandr Malthus of TEST Alliance. TEST had a total of 325 people on the killmail, with a relatively small contingent of titans doing the heavy lifting. The rest of Legacy Coalition provided a further 214, mainly in subcapitals. The Imperium showed up to get on the killmail with a total of 353 pilots, in Jackdaw and Harpy fleets.

The Good Sax Keepstar had been used to stage campaigns of harassment into Legacy space. Last month, TEST onlined their own Keepstar in the region as part of a campaign to clear out the area and make the border regions safer from small gang skirmishes. This Keepstar was the lynchpin to Legacy’s successful destruction of Good Sax’s infrastructure, by extending Legacy’s supercapital highway chain. Given how isolated the region of Stain is from other regions, and its lack of a lowsec gate, this destruction should result in a reduction in harassment from Stain residents in the near future, though the existence of NPC stations in the region mean that any reprieve could be short-lived.

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