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In a new dev blog by CCP Jörg, we see an update to the ever vigilant progress made by the art department at EVE Online. With the development of the V5++ project nearing completion, the graphic designers have switched gears to redesigning hulls. New designs for old ship hulls are being vigorously developed, and are currently under construction for a variety of ships.

In the upcoming August release The Dominix will be getting a facelift. The new design upholds the values of “the retro-feel of this old warhorse” by keeping its most noteworthy aesthetics. As seen in the above image its “vintage warp drive spool” sees a glamorously mechanical overhaul to its structure.

Minmatar ships are soon to see several changes, with hull redesigns underway for the Stilletto, the Probe, and the Thrasher. The new concept images given by Jörg show newly re-imagined styles for the minmatar ships. The Stilleto takes on a completely new shape, boasting a bolder and lower profile that seems to fit far more with its intended purpose. The Probe upholds a great deal of its original design, however exhibits a more modernized appearance while maintaining a broader Minmatar aesthetic. The Thrasher sees a variety of conceptual changes being made with one more finalized version that looks much more deadly and mean than the smiling face seen in the current model.

No dates have been currently set for the Minmatar models, and Jörg clarifies with “These are still works in progress, not planned for any release at this stage, but will give you an idea on what we are thinking.”

To compliment the new Caracal hull redesign, a new model for The Cerberus will be coming to us in Aegis. Inspired by user feedback on reddit from the new Caracal model, this snub-nosed HAC design keeps the Caracal’s iconic look while adding its own unique presence.

Last, but not least in the blog comes the announcement of Eve Online’s new art director, with Jörg saying “as of next month I will take on the role of Art Director for EVE Online.” Jörg himself will be taking over the well deserved position. He has been with EVE Online for roughly 8 years, and been responsible for, or has worked on projects including: Tech III ships, many ship redesigns/designs, most of the revamped turrets/launchers, and much more.

We at TMC would like to congratulate CCP Jörg for taking the helm as Eve Online’s new art director.

This article originally appeared on TheMittani.com, written by Wolf Merrik.

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