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CCP Seagull Announces Her Departure

Dirk Stetille 2018-04-26

In a post on the CCP Forums today, it was announced that Andie Nordgren, aka CCP Seagull, will be leaving the company. Seagull began her tenure as an Executive Producer within CCP in an announcement on July 25, 2014, so…

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Introducing TMC’s New EVE Bureau Chief: Matterall

TMC Archives 2015-12-02

I’m Matterall, and I’ll be serving as the new EVE Bureau Chief for TMC. The following article will cover an introduction to myself as well as where TMC is going from this point forward. Long after ship wreckage vanishes, stations fall abandoned,…

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EVE: New Art Director/New Art Devblog

TMC Archives 2015-06-22

In a new dev blog by CCP Jörg, we see an update to the ever vigilant progress made by the art department at EVE Online. With the development of the V5++ project nearing completion, the graphic designers have switched gears…