EVE Echoes Release Date Announced May 17


NetEase, the primary developers of Eve Echoes, are hosting an announcement livestream on May 17 at 1800 UTC. This stream will provide the long-awaited release date for EVE Online’s mobile spin-off, as well as details of an old EVE Online race that will be a new playable in Echoes, the Yan Jung.

The release announcement has been highly anticipated by the Eve Echoes community. Additionally, the potential within this fresh universe is palpable, and combined with a completely new platform to play EVE, the opportunities for NetEase and CCP are undeniable.

Interestingly, news on the development of Eve Echoes has been limited in recent months as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This will be the first major game-related official announcement of 2020 for EVE Echoes, and is set to include both the finalised release date, and information on the newly-announced playable race.

According to New Eden lore, the Yan Jung migrated through the Eve gate and settled in the Deltole system. Their technology specialized in advanced gravitronics and force field theory, making them quite powerful. They are not a playable race in Eve Online, so there is a high level of anticipation about what they will bring to Eve Echoes given that each of the playable factions in New Eden have their own technical specializations.

The stream can be watched on May 17 at 1800 UTC on the Echoes Twitch channel, and Netease has released some teaser footage in advance.

INN will continue to provide updates on any new EVE Echoes developments.

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