EVE Echoes sees the conclusion to its biggest war yet


For the past six months the universe of EVE Echoes has seen a massive war, with 13 alliances pitted against Genesis Federation. Now the war has finally ended, with Genesis emerging victorious. Below is an account of the events of the conflict from the perspective of Genesis Federation leader, Mommasurus Rex. We hope you enjoy the read.

The largest contiguous alliance in the game (and the oldest at #2000000001), Genesis Federation, was attacked by 13 alliances in a territory move for Feythabolis, spear-headed by F1. That [group] ultimately swelled to a group of over 23 alliances, attempting to destroy the giant. This attack, that began in ZID-LE, resulted in some of the first destruction of sovereignty citadels in the game (two in the same day, one from each side) and triggered a six-month long war. For a large portion of the war, the entire western half of the map fought the entire eastern half of the map. Empires that had begun at the opening of the game, such as the Golden Horde Alliance and the Querious Coalition, fell to ruin as the war raged across all territories.

There were many dramatic moments that galvanized nullsec players into this saga. For example, the home citadel of Genesis Federation, WX-6UX – Aurora Station, was destroyed when the assaulting coalition (then inexplicably named the “Southern Coalition”) massed over 1400 players in the system, stalling the Federation and its allies long enough to destroy the building. This put out the last light of Genesis Federation on the map, but ignited a wholesale onslaught of the attacking alliances homes’ systems. In an attempt to demoralize and break the Genesis Federation, the then mighty Golden Horde Alliance placed their own sovereignty citadel in the WX system and named it “No Place Like Home.” In a surprise twist, over a month later, Genesis Federation executor, Mommasaurus Rex, recruited the corporation (OZ), that owned the citadel, out from under the Golden Horde Alliance and it became the first new light of the Federation’s resolve, and the death knell of the Horde. This plot twist was considered one of the most “EVE” things to happen in Echoe’s history to date.

Genesis Federation, Pantheon Coalition, and Catch-22 relentlessly fought back for months. The attacking alliances reformed their name following the demise of the Horde, rebranding to the Content Coalition. The war cost both sides trillions of ISK and dozens of citadels. Genesis Federation never placed another citadel during the war, decrying them as nothing but useless flags on the map and choosing to spend their energy on offensive maneuvers instead. Alliances and coalitions rose and fell under the weight of constant warfare raging across the galaxy.

On June 1, 2021, the war came full circle back to the WX citadel “No Place Like Home” hull timer and defending alliances massed over 1300 players in system with hundreds more in surrounding systems. The Content Coalition ran home in defeat and the citadel was saved. As the Content Coalition retreated, Genesis Federation mass dropped citadels throughout three of their four regions (Esoteria, Paragon Soul, and Period Basis) in an impressive lightshow on the map. This boom of citadels occurred mere days before the patch by the developers which would make the citadels useful for players over basic outposts. The Content Coalition took this defeat as a “stalemate” in which neither side could be defeated in their prime time.

Capitalizing on the now galvanized Western front, Genesis Federation hit the ZID-LE citadel (the crown jewel of the Content Coalition) into hull. On June 13, 2021, the war for ZID-LE raged in Content Coalition’s prime time. The war continued for over three hours with the number topping 1000 players. The Content Coalition finally broke, and their citadel was destroyed. Genesis Federation retained control of the system with their fleets and dropped their own citadel, thus reclaiming the system (and a fourth region) for the Federation in a fiery victory.

Within the hour following this battle and resounding defeat, Content Coalition alliances began surrendering and withdrawing from the war. On June 16, 2021, the Content Coalition completely disbanded, with its member alliances making varied deals and brokering for peace and effectively ending the largest war in Echoes history. Some have been allowed to withdraw with little to no consequence; others are likely to suffer more losses before being released.

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  • William Doe

    So, a total plebian question from an outsider. What coalitions or alliances are represented by The Imperium members in Echoes during the duration of this war if any?

    June 27, 2021 at 12:07 PM
    • Novartis William Doe

      I can’t say much, but as far as I know there’s actually an alliance named goonswarm federation inside the game(they kinda broke up, I don’t really know the history there, someone might need to get it sorted out like Groen’s book too maybe), however since there’s quite a lot of impostor wannabe corp/aliance in echoes that try to mimick corp/alliance/coalition in Eve Online, there’s an actual rule in the Echoes Subreddit that if you want to claim the name it must be proven that the creator must be member of the said group and had gain approval from their leader for the name to be used, or something around that line.

      Current incarnation of imperium in Echoes is could be say Pantheon coalition, there’s another article here in INN that explain the rise of Pantheon, however I couldn’t find it again(web devs, might be try to index the article and let there be a search function pretty please?). Happybees alliance on the other hand would be what said as the GSF incarnation in Echoes.

      June 28, 2021 at 1:02 PM
  • Novartis

    Hi Momma, Hugs and Loves from TMs here! XD

    June 29, 2021 at 4:14 AM
  • Andrew Hunt

    Also, fun fact, Echoes has no capital ships yet. This is all fought with (beefed up) traditional ships.
    A whole hell of a lot of fun. I cancelled my sub to EO months ago, Echoes just has a better meta I like.

    July 3, 2021 at 7:34 AM