EVE Echoes Launches Sovereignty Test


NetEase developers have launched their first public test of the sovereignty feature, which has been highly anticipated by the EVE Echoes community, given that it will finally allow corporations and alliances to officially stake a claim to territory. While the lack of an actual in game sov system has not stopped player organizations from calling parts of the map their own, nothing in the game currently recognizes formal ownership. The test will run from December 9th to December 21st. As a reward, participating players will be gifted with 20,000 skill points, but they can earn an additional 100,000 skill points for destroying other corporations citadels on the live server after the testing period ends.

For the test server, players will be provided with 20,000,000 skill points, 10,000 PLEX, and 200,000,000 ISK. The market will now allow players to purchase a finished corporation citadel at low prices as well as access to all T8 ships and metalevel 8 weapons. Industrial ships below T9 will also be available. Given that this is a test, and not reflective of the live version rules, it will only take an hour to anchor a citadel and the repair time will only be five minutes. The developers note that these conditions are subject to change. Will you participate in this public test? Let us know in the comments below.

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