Yoiul Festival – Winter Nexus


Unbelievably, it’s that time of the year again. The time for winter events and spreading festive cheer, and for EVE Online, we have the Winter Nexus, which began on December 10 and runs through to January 5. There are a whole host of different aspects to holiday season in New Eden this year, with something for everyone, and the Youil dev blog is available here.

What are winter events without some gifts? From downtime on December 10 until downtime on January 5, there are a total of 13 gifts available to players as a login reward. There are specific rewards for both Alpha and Omega clones, ranging from Skill Points and new SKINs to snowballs crates and character apparel. The 13 days do not have to be consecutive, so log in now and explore the gifts waiting for you!

If you appreciate the Aurora Universalis SKIN range, as well as some extra cerebral accelerators, you can also take part in the daily seasonal challenges – complete the challenges over the course of the event to earn the SKINs and other rewards.

We’re also seeing a new Abyssal Storm moving across K-Space. The volatile new Ice Storm is exclusive to the Winter Nexus event, and has hit High, Low and Null security space, transforming affected systems into a winter wonderland. Affected systems also have new combat, hacking and ice mining sites, providing a wide range of rewards including overseers’ effects, festive ship skins, cerebral accelerators, faction modules, and the introduction of BPCs for a new ‘Rapture’ pirate implant set.

These Rapture implants increase a ship’s capacitor recharge rate, and come in low-, mid-, and high-grade variants.Furthermore, to help get to these systems quickly, new ice storm filaments are available within the log in rewards and as drops from the sites. These filaments provide a fast-travel option to enter the Ice Storm areas, so get out there and have some fun!

There are also two new Abyssal Proving Ground events across the holiday period. Both events are team contests, with the first happening between December 18-22 and the second occurring between January 1-5. The December event will pit four teams of two pilots against each another in Tech 1 Destroyers, while the January event sees two teams of three pilots fight in Tech 1 Frigates. Be sure to check in-game to find the full list of module and implant restrictions!

Lastly, the Yoiul Star SKINs are back in the New Eden Store. There are SKINs for even more hulls this year, and these SKINs feature a red light counting down to the December 25.

With so much going on across 2020, I hope we all find some joy this Yoiul Festival, no matter where you find yourself in Eve Online.

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