Free to Play: A Poem by Whoisafish


Header art by Cryo Huren

The following poem first appeared on Facebook by Whoisafish, EVE Echoes content creator and CEO of Obsidian Elite Alliance. It has been reprinted on INN with her permission. For more of her work you can visit her website here.

Free to Play

Don’t offend me
I’ll defend me
Mental blocks
Which bend and mend me
Dont deny!
Say, I’m not trying!
Serious, serious. Would you be furious?
If I put you down.
When you were just curious.

Felt upset and not sure why
Felt regret but couldn’t cry
Couldn’t ward your words of worry
I’m forced to lie and say sorry
Cornered, forced
To bend the knee
As if the problem was me.

Don’t offend me.
I’ll defend me.
Mental blocks
Which bend and mend me
It’s sickening
What you’re trying
Curious, curious
Would you be furious?
If I tried to play you
Like you were deliourious

Felt upset and knew why
Be controlled . . . I’d rather die
Couldn’t stand your disrespect
And how your temper went unchecked

You will not force my compliance
Let me remind you
This is not YOUR alliance
We talk in local
Our guys share loot
And when you attack us
We fight back and shoot

Don’t offend me
I’ll defend me
Mental blocks
Which bend and mend me
It’s your own team that you’ve been bruising
Mutual, mutual.
Our interaction is brutal
It’s cute when you think
That resistance is futile

You’ve taught me a lot
About who I should cross
I’ve seen the difference
Between a leader
And boss
A new path begins
Only time with tell
Our team is ready
Fly safe and farewell

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  • Bumpy Dog

    Really excellent. Thank you for sharing.

    December 12, 2020 at 9:12 AM