Erebus Down in Delve


The Stage

On March 5, in the Delve system of 23G-XC, members from Paisti Syndicate (PSY) and League of Unaligned Master Pilots (LUMPY) destroyed an Erebus belonging to Semiramis. According to members of the attacking fleet, the nearly 117B ISK titan was moving to a staging system further south before meeting his demise in Delve.

Personal Accounts

TMC reached out to LUMPY’s fleet commander and the titan hunters of PSY for comment on the Erebus kill.

Mikokoel, the FC of the LUMPY fleet:

“I was the main FC for the fleet, which provided the needed DPS to kill the titan quick after PSY established tackle. Atlan Dallocort was the communication liaison between us and PSY, while Brainbashi and Angel Wolf99 were the leaders of the tackling operation.”

TMC: Thank you for your time! How did all of this begin?

Mikokoel: They [Paisti] had him watchlisted and he was seen in ON- jumping into another system. We knew he would be moving to Fountain to join the second reincarnation of his corp, Cede Nullis. Paisti dictors and probers were ready and watched the cyno alt carefully. He didn’t jump into the system we had expected and instead made an off-track jump to 23G-XC. He used a self-destructing cyno, so Paisti couldn’t warp in time. The titan pilot also podded his cyno alt and cloaked next to the dead cyno’s ship wreck.

TMC: How were you able to find him?

M: Paisti did a really good job of finding the wreck, so I will let them explain it, but his savespot was poorly made and they finally landed on a grid with the wreck. After starbursting out they decloaked the titan and he was bubbled like crazy. When bubbles went up, we brought dreads in and began killing him.

Xavier Azabu of Paisti stated:

“He had self-destructed the cyno, leaving a Caldari frigate wreck. We were fast to put probes on his spot and it was near planet five. We bounced dictors and ceptors between P5 and P10, as he was 1 AU off Planet 5 somewhere in the direction of Planet 10. We stretched the grid by warping and making 1 AU bookmarks. I got within 200,000km, but then Angel Wolf got onto grid with the wreck while warping near Kheo Dons. Everyone quickly warped to him (at the wreck), starburst out and within a few seconds he was decloaked, bubbled, and aggressed. At one point, he thought that we missed him and spoke out in local chat as we were looking for his cyno wreck…”

TMC: Did he try to doomsday anyone during the fight?

Mikokoel: Yes he decided to DD one of our Phoenixes, but he tanked it at half shields, as he was fit for the titan’s damage type. After his aggression timer ran out, he began to self-destruct at about half armor and he completed the self-destruction while our support fleet and the Paisti dreads were on the move to get on the killmail.

Overall, both fleets were very proud of their pilots and Xavier Azabu expressed thanks to all who joined in on the hunt. Paisti has also asked to send a special shout out to Angel Wolf99 and Brainbashi.

Video of the kill has become available:

Titan Tackled

(Editor’s Note: This kill involved the use of the watchlist, which will be changed with the coming patch. For more on this, read our analysis on the issue by our new writer Macky Avelli.)

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