March Patch Release Delayed


On March 7, CCP announced that the upcoming March patch will now be postponed. The March update was supposed to be going live on March 8. No further release date has been finalized at this time.  With some players potentially already purging their watchlists while others haven’t, we may see some interesting situations arise as a result.

“Due to a potential issue that could cause characters to become stuck after ship destruction or being podkilled, we feel that it is necessary to postpone the deployment of the March release, which was scheduled to go live on Tranquility tomorrow, March 8th 2016.” – CCP Falcon

CCP Falcon would go on to inform us that “hopefully in the coming days we’ll be able to give you an update, and announce a new deployment date for the March release”, which doesn’t really instill a lot of confidence that it will be released this week.

Here’s hoping that nobody had plans hinging on that patch going live Tuesday!

This article originally appeared on, written by Macky Avelli.

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