Double Feature: SMA Fleet Leveled, PL Bombers Drop Provibloc


SpaceMonkey’s Alliance Tempest Fleet Leveled

“This is all part of our ongoing fight to ensure the freedom of the Cloud Ring region from groups that feel they can decide the fate of a region that they do not live in.-Raknor Bile, T-C Fleet Commander

On January 20 at around 2318 EVE time, in the Cloud Ring system of PPG-XC, a nearly 90-man SMA Tempest fleet was completely wiped out while defending a reinforced iHub timer. The ~14B ISK engagement is the most recent engagement between the Cloud Ring residents. The aggressors, TISHU, T-C, and SNUFF charged into the fight with over one hundred pilots. T-C came to the fight in Feroxes, while SNUFF and TISHU assaulted in a Proteus fleet. The defenders responded with close to ninety members, forming in a Tempest doctrine with some Armageddon and ECM support.

The attackers left victorious after destroying 12.54B ISK in battleships. Although SMA lost the ISK war, they held the strategic objective by saving the iHub during the fight. Only six of the forty five battleships survived the slaughter.

Personal Account – Raknor Bile

“This all started from our efforts to force SMA to fight. We had defeated two Hurricane fleets and a Drake fleet, so they stopped forming battlecruiser to fight our Feroxes. Instead they chose to upship to Tempests for the iHub timer in 5S-KNL. It was a poor exit timer so we were all set to stand down until Lex Arson from TISHU contacted me for help.

Always willing to get a brawl, I agreed and we formed up Feroxes while TISHU/SNUFF formed Proteii. As we travelled, intel channels informed us that SMA was set up 60km from the 8R gate in PPG. TISHU cynoed into 00TY and jumped into PPG. Warping to the gate at 30km, they were in perfect range and once engaged, we jumped in and began picking Tempests off. The SMA FC decided to disengage and left several Tempests stranded. At that point, the iHub was nearly saved and we headed home victorious.”

Pandemic Legion Obliterates Provibloc Battleship Fleet

“Both sides wanted a slugfest so it was pretty anticlimactic…” -Provibloc pilot

“We waited one hour for you and you bomb us off the grid? Nice bomb run, I must say.”

On January 20, only three hours after the SMA massacre in Cloud Ring, a nearly 13B ISK bombshell hit a Provibloc Maelstrom fleet in T-RPFU. Until comments become available, the reason for the fight is unknown. However, Provibloc defended with six Rokhs, seventy two Maelstroms and ECM support, while the aggressors, PL, PH, NC., WAFFLES, and NARM, attacked with seventy one Feroxes, sixty one T3 strategic cruisers, and a thirty five-man bomber wing.

The Provibloc battleship fleet, according to some sources, took two bombing runs from the PL stealth bomber wing, followed by a final run from Northern Army bombers. The three assaults resulted in the instant destruction of nearly fifty Provibloc battleships, costing an estimated 12.5B ISK. The aggressors inflicted far more damage than they receive, reaching 98.1% ISK efficiency after losing just four Feroxes and one Cormorant.

TMC is reaching out to both sides of the engagement and will update as comments and videos become available.

This article originally appeared on, written by Lemba.

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