DevBlog: Quality of Life!


Life can be harsh in Eve Online, however, we all like a bit of quality added to that life – and sadly it hasn’t happened all that often of late. But that may be changing! 

CCP has, in amazing style, decided to take a lot of the complaints aimed at Clone Bays, Burst Jammers, wormhole mass issues, and one of the least used battleship modules, and change things up. These alterations are expected in the next fortnightly Talos release.

The Death of BurstCeptors

Burst Jammers, known to many of us in null-sec as the worst module in the game, have now been indirectly nerfed. With the original nerf being an increase in power grid requirements, this was changed at lightning speed when many of us, myself included, hit up CCP Developers to tell them that even with the power grid increase, it would change very little. In turn, CCP  decided that the ships most often using jammers should be the target, rather than the module itself. As a result, fitting a Burst Jammer will now remove interdition nullification bonues.

Interdiction nullification allows interceptors to land at their target without any hindrance, blow their load, and then get out of dodge without much risk outside of smart bombs. Good interceptor pilots manage this incredibly effectively, however the issues caused by this are significant. Breaking locks in heavy TIDI situations is a tactic that many of us frown at, but with very little effective counter outside of gimping fits, and very few ways to catch the offending interceptors. The removal of the interdiction nullification allows for more counter play, with the use of screening bubbles to effectively shield fleets from these pesky tactics.

More Junk in that Trunk.

The allowable jump mass per wormhole has also seen a change.

C1 wormholes will now have a jump mass of 62,000 tons

C2 to C4 wormholes will now have a jump mass of 375,000 tons

C5 to C6 will be able to handle ships with a mass of 2,000,000 tons

The above changes are an attempt to fix the issue caused during a prior wormhole update aimed at stopping the easy rolling of wormholes. This effectively makes it easier to roll wormholes without changing the overall mass able to transit a wormhole.

Can’t Touch This.

The Target Spectrum Breaker is a module I think I have fitted to a battleship a couple of times, and since then, have never used it. It has a niche use in small skirmish fights, however if you check Zkillboard you can see that most of these modules simply sit in battleship cargo holds waiting to be used. The almost complete replacement to this module now sees the “Signal Radius Suppressor” give a passive bonus to the battleship reducing the signature radius by 10%. When activated this module reduces the overall signature radius of a battleship by an additional 70%. This module is an equivalent to Assault Damage Controls, but for a battleship, and with a cooldown of 2.5 minutes. Given that this can outright neuter bombing runs against battleships using this module, I look forward to seeing the effects of this module in the future.

Supercharge That Clone Bay!

Now, onto the best change in this patch. Provided a station or Upwell structure has a Clone Bay, people will now be able to store multiple clones in a single station. This change is only restricted by player skills, so players will now be able to store up to ten (yes, TEN) implanted Jump Clones in a single structure. This has been a long requested change to the clone system, with threads calling for it since the inception of clone jumping. With the weight of many CSM members behind this change, it was simply a matter of time, and that time is now!

Many of these changes are great, however, I would be remiss if I did not suggest that this is something CCP should continue at pace going forward. Quality of life changes are significantly needed in Eve online. The game can sometimes feel like a chore to play, depending on what it is you are doing, and making systems more intuitive and less punishing to use will benefit us all. 

Long may the QOL changes reign. 

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  • the target spectrum breaker is behavior is interesting. I like it more than a temporary resistance buff. Has some implications if remote repair includes tracking, though. It would weaken battleships compared to HACs and assault damage controls. I’d like to see assault damage controls handled the same way, and changed to a midslot module.

    March 18, 2021 at 8:35 PM