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DevBlog: Quality of Life!

Aneu 2021-03-18

Life can be harsh in Eve Online, however, we all like a bit of quality added to that life – and sadly it hasn’t happened all that often of late. But that may be changing!  CCP has, in amazing style,…

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TEST Loses Most Expensive Sotiyo Ever

Gwailar 2021-02-19

At 21:44 UTC on Feb 18, TEST alliance absorbed the second most expensive Upwell Structure lossmail in the history of New Eden, when their Sotiyo in D-FVI7 (worth 374 billion ISK) was destroyed by The Bastion and Ferrata Victrix. More…

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Navigation Devblog Prompts Chilly Reception

Gray Doc 2018-11-07

TL;DR in the form of a haiku: Winter is coming, Making snow, rain, cold . . . and war Ever more likely. On November 6, 2018, CCP released a devblog that outlined a number of changes coming in the “upcoming…