Citadels Fall Across North as Great Western War Rages


As the conclusion of a week that saw Imperial Legacy take out not one but two Keepstars, the Imperium fielded a series of Sunday fleets that saw them down three recently anchored Astrahuses owned by Circle-Of-Two, and also putting French ConneXion’s staging Fortizar – market and all – into its final timer.

Staging Fortizar and I-Hub Fight

The day’s first action took place in territory controlled by French Connexion (FXR), a francophone alliance who have recently been active in small-gang PvP against Imperium pilots.  According to kcolor, an Imperium FC who was present at the battle, French Connexion’s staging Fortizar was due to enter its second timer just before downtime today. After an initial failed attempt to incapacitate the system’s cynosural jammer using bombers, the fleet reshipped into the Imperium’s popular Baltec battleship doctrine, augmented by Jackdaws and support craft. A significant hostile fleet formed up to play defense, including an FXR titan “sticking its nose out of the jammer POS,” in kcolor’s words. The attacking Baltecs had to steer clear of the titan’s sharp teeth while attacking the jammer, but finally did succeed in incapacitating the jammer a few minutes before downtime. With cynosural fields functioning in the system again, the defenders and their allies quickly cynoed in carriers and supercapitals in the effort to defend the Fortizar’s timer.

Fleet pings continued to go out all during downtime, and by the time Tranquility came back online, an entire additional Baltec fleet had filled up. In kcolor’s words, “Hostiles pretended to commit, saw our numbers, and jumped back out.” Left defenseless, the Fortizar was pounded by the subcapital fleets and sent into its final timer.

A short time later, a hostile fleet formed up to defend an Infrastructure Hub in the FXR system of E-Z2ZX. Though much smaller in scale than some of the giant fights that have taken place recently, the battle ended in victory for the Imperium pilots, who destroyed over 11b ISK worth of ships at the cost of slightly more than 5b of their own losses. Of particular note is the fact that FXR only represented 20 of the roughly 250 pilots on the losing side; the bulk of the heavy lifting was done by Pandemic Horde and Northern Coalition.

Three Astrahuses Eat It

The next stop on the Imperium’s weekend structure-bashing tour was E9KD-N, where Circle-of-Two had recently anchored three Astrahuses, all of which were due to come out of anchor in the span of ten minutes. Pandemic Horde and Circle-of-Two formed up with a token defense fleet of interceptors and bombers, with nothing larger than an interdictor to be seen. According to kcolor, “The bombers attempt to bomb Baltec fleets sitting inside bubbles. It goes poorly. The only major loss is a Proteus with some horrendous fit that dies to bombs. Bombers get wiped out.” A second bomber fleet arrived on-grid, only to land right in an interdictor’s bubble, leading to its immediate destruction.

The defenseless Astrahuses could not, of course, put up a fight once their covering fleets had been destroyed, and they went down as well. Credit must be given to the Imperium pilots who quickly and easily dispatched the opposition and accomplished their objective – but this writer must also give credit to the Pandemic Horde and Co2 pilots who, despite being outnumbered more than five to one, dug in for battle and fought courageously.

Strategic Implications

In many ways, the FXR Fortizar bash represents the archetypal fight on the Great Western War’s western front. Although FXR is not a member of either coalition, PanFam and GOTG thus far have been heavily reliant on cynosural field jammers as a defensive strategy, preventing the Imperium from bringing a capital and supercapital fleet fully to bear. This has forced a number of subcapital engagements, which have still succeeded in accomplishing the Imperium’s objectives but pale in comparison to the pain that could be brought by a full-on Imperium supercap fleet. It takes very little imagination to conclude that the Imperium will likely continue to pursue the kind of strategy on display in the Fortizar fight: attacking a structure with an online cyno jammer, incapacitating the jammer, destroying the structure, and jumping in a supercap fleet if necessary (although in this occasion it was not necessary).

On the western front, the Imperium has repeatedly shown the ability to form multiple full fleets of subcapital ships, whether on a Thursday night or a Sunday afternoon. If every citadel in a cyno jammed system has a bull’s-eye on it, and if the Imperium can field 500 to 750 ships on a moment’s notice, the only possible conclusion is that PanFam and GOTG (as well as FXR and other hostile alliances in the area) will have to start defending those citadels in massive numbers or risk having them systematically wiped out. The battle reports from today, in which kcolor describes a hostile supercap fleet fleeing when they see the Imperium’s subcap numbers and in which a small fleet of Pandemic Horde and C02 pilots were forced to mount a brave defense of three Astrahuses against incredible odds, shows that this implication has not been fully grasped by those in PanFam and GOTG who have their hands on the proverbial Batphone.

Stay tuned for INN for further updates on the Great Western War.

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  • Saint Lucifer

    Pretty sure this could be copy lifted from a newsreel from 1944. Replace Nazi references with panfam and American references with Goons… almost identical trope. This has all happened before and it will happen again.

    July 30, 2018 at 2:21 AM
    • Axhind Saint Lucifer

      You didn’t get much right there.

      July 30, 2018 at 6:49 AM
    • Guilford Australis Saint Lucifer

      Usually it takes more than one comment to get to Godwin’s Law, but nope… you did it in one.

      July 30, 2018 at 11:53 AM
      • Saint Lucifer Guilford Australis

        Apparently someone needs a lesson on Godwin’s law. I compared no one to Nazis or Hitler. If you don’t know about WW2 newsreels and how utterly bullshit biased they were (and this article was) not sure I can do much to help ya.

        July 31, 2018 at 2:36 AM
        • Garreth Vlox Saint Lucifer

          “Replace Nazi references with panfam ” You didn’t have to compare them you connected them perfectly without that.

          July 31, 2018 at 9:17 AM
        • Guilford Australis Saint Lucifer

          Pure semantics. “I didn’t compare anyone to Nazis… just pro-Nazi promoters of the Third Reich circa 1944.” What a joke.

          July 31, 2018 at 1:07 PM
  • Alaric Faelen

    As an aside….F**k Fozziesov right in the ear. All of Eve should be thanking Goonswarm for taking it on the chin and engaging in this garbage game mechanic just to make this game interesting again. We could have sat in Delve and broken the game’s economy and enjoyed far better content than this steaming pile of fail.

    Wanna know why Eve was so stagnant for awhile? Why everyone Krabbed and got rich instead of blowing things up? It’s because the core mechanic for Sov is dogshit. Grrr Goons all you want, but these folks are doing the worst grind in gaming history just to make something happen in Eve Online. Our FC’s are putting in real life work hours into a video game, and are creating almost constant content for thousands of subscribers on both sides of the war.

    I wish CCP would put in half that much effort into fixing this damn sov mechanic and moving on to making bad decisions about some other game element that doesn’t affect me. Go spend years ‘fixing’ FW or mission running or something. Just give us something work-able and we will happily murder each other quietly in null sec until the Fedo are finally free.

    July 30, 2018 at 5:48 PM
    • I really wish they’d keep the backend changes but roll the game mechanics and item databases back to the late 2000’s. Remember when we got to fight over POS, and people flew ships that weren’t interceptors?

      July 30, 2018 at 11:58 PM
    • Tidal Charm Alaric Faelen

      Speaking from the other side, I couldn’t agree more. I’d much prefer a return to POS sov or an introduction of Citadel-based sov.

      August 2, 2018 at 5:02 PM