Circadian Seeker Retaliation


Circadian Seekers were introduced in Rhea as a roaming sleeper drone NPC that mysteriously warped around star systems scanning objects. Up until the Proteus expansion, these Seekers would not attack and would simply allow pilots to destroy them. These drones are now fully capable of delivering retaliation.

Concord released a DED Advisory in regards to the Circadian Seekers :

YULAI – The Directive Enforcement Department has recently completed initial investigations into the Sleeper drones designated as “Circadian Seekers” and concluded that they are in the process of adapting to perceived threats. We believe this process is well advanced and are issuing an emergency advisory under the provisions of the Yulai Convention.

We especially urge capsuleers not to become alarmed by changes in the behavior of these drones. We recommend that all pilots exercise caution when approaching Circadian Seekers and are sufficiently prepared for retaliation.

Please report any unusual activity to the lawful authorities or your local DED liaison office.

Their damage is not very high, nor do they use any warp disruption. Simply fleeing the combat area will not be enough to get away, as they will follow you in warp and will pursuit until you have docked or left the system.

The official forums have had many rumors about the Seekers podding players. I have tested this personally on both the Singularity test server and Tranquility live server and have not had my pod destroyed. Videos showing players being podded on Singularity may still have been valid however; the new behaviour could easily have been subject to bugs. Although podding may be a myth, they have certainly scored a few kills on sites like zKillboard and certainly have made their way onto other NPC only killmails :

Systems containing the mysterious “Unidentified Structure” beacons will often see roaming Seekers traveling in groups of four. The “Unidentified Structure” contains evidence of a large cloaked object that is nearly the size of a station. According to the story of the EVE gate “ancient vessels have been cloaked by the Jove to prevent advanced technology from falling into the wrong hands.” Perhaps these structures are part of that mysterious advanced technology.

This article originally appeared on, written by Wolf Merrik.

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