Pew4Reps Pub Fleet or ‘Oh Look its PL! I wonder What Happens Next?’


Pew4Reps was a public fleet set up by Dark Space Initiative capsuleer FullMetalTS1, as TMC reported recently. It aims to keep up the Eve Online community’s awareness of what #broadcast4reps is all about. Many players have been incredibly supportive, and showed up to have fun, blow people up, and support a good cause at the same time.

When we spoke to FullMetalTS1 before the fleet, he said:

“I just made this pub fleet to raise awareness of depression. I was in a bad time a few years back and it was this community that brought me back. So these fleet was meant to just have fun. Spread the word and if you know someone hurting in game or out of game, don’t be afraid to just lend them a ear.

Fleet formup was circa 19:00 at Amarr VIII (Oris) – Emperor Family Academy. The fleet doctrine was posted in the ingame channel Pew4Reps which was at least ‘somewhat’ adhered to, a cheap mix of T1 battlecruisers and logi, with a smattering of T3 command destroyers and cruisers. There were also quite a few drakes if I recall rightly…”

TMC was represented by yours truly, as I am very much involved with Coffee Rocks’ inspired initiative. As the fleet formed and the clock ticked closer to to ‘Everyone undock’, there were some shenanigans outside station as you would expect from a public fleet in a busy trade hub. Our fleet comprised of a very eclectic mix of capsuleers, some of whom were at war with each other, but NPSI (Not Purple Shoot It) rules kept everything going smoothly. We had representatives of Sixth Empire, Scary Wormhole People, DARKNESS., The Afterlife, The Wraithguard and even Marmite, amongst many others! By this time we also had six devs in fleet, namely CCP Larriken, CCP Foxfour, CCP Mimic, CCP Pointybits, CCP Karkur and last, but by no means least, CCP DeNormalised. I recall our FC FullMetalTS1 ordering everyone to redock, including CCP. CCP Larrikin was quoted as saying “Make me!”

As everyone sorted out their overviews and watchlists, I mentioned that perhaps our beloved Spacepope, who bestowed many blessings upon such a worthy venture as this, should be on the watchlist, Max Singularity replied: “Spacepope needs no reps when he has a Dev Tank!”

We were up to 69 in fleet, which was a source of great amusement until Elise Randolph joined to give us a round 70, and the FC told everyone to undock and freeburn to the HED-GP. We, of course, spammed local in the traditional manner. Our FC then made the fleet wait on gate while scouts did their thing. On the other side of the SV5-8N gate, we discovered there was a fleet waiting for us:

“Oh look its PL! I wonder what happens next?”.

“We have carriers?”, “CCP carriers baby!”.

“This will be messy!”

What happened next was what you would expect when you’re outnumbered, outmatched and die in TIDI-filled glorious fire! We were totally wiped out, including the CCP devs, Max Singularity, and Coffee Rocks. Elise Randolph swore “On my honour I had nothing to do with this!”, which made for much hilarity. I have heard tell that if we had survived the PL gauntlet, there were other fleets out hunting us, which caused further rejoicing. All in all, although we didn’t make it far, it was huge amounts of fun, leaving everyone wanting to do it all again.

After we’d all woken up in fresh clones, we shared our excitement over the battle, which gave me a chance to get some feedback from fleet members. Notably, Coffee Rocks said “Thanks for doing this, it means a lot!” while Elise Randolph commented “Sadly I wasn’t able to use the Command Destroyer I brought very effectively for the fleet, but it was a great showing and hopefully raised awareness for the fantastic Broadcast4Reps community.”

TMC also caught up with FC FullMetalTS1:

TMC: What are your thoughts on the opposition?

FullMetalTS1: Well I am glad they showed up. After all it was content. The drake fleet, T3 fleet, and cane fleet, all against me and my fleet. The fact they took time out of their day to kill me? Well, I’m honored. Hahaha. Seriously though, I am very glad they showed up. Made things fun and not just going gate to gate. Ya know?

TMC: How do you feel about doing more since everyone loved it?

FMT: I would love to do more fleets. The idea actually come from other people in fleet to make this a monthly thing, and I have been considering doing that, and letting a few of my corp mates handle sometimes. But I haven’t been online to talk to them about it, so nothing official is in the works, but pay attention to the in game channel Pew4Reps for more details about upcoming any #P4R fleet.

TMC and the Broadcast4reps crew very much wants to thank everyone for turning up, in our fleet or in opposition, and making this into such a fun event we hope to see more of! Special thanks also go out to the many CCP Devs who showed up to be whelped alongside us – it meant a great deal everyone involved.

Just remember, if you ever need help, #broadcast4reps!

This article originally appeared on, written by Feiryred.

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