CCP Weekly Wrap-Up: November 24-30


Header art by Cryo Huren

I hope everyone in the U.S. had a happy Thanksgiving, and everyone else took advantage of some of the cool deals floating around the internet this past week! Only a few news items on the agenda for today.

ISD Needs You

ISD (Interstellar Services Directorate) is recruiting. If you are multilingual and like helping EVE players, ISD wants you. The LOC (localization) and STAR (player support) teams are recruiting new members. The requirements are simple: Be over 18, have an EVE account, be a native speaker in one of the languages supported by EVE and also fluent in English, be knowledgeable about the game, and be willing to sign an NDA. If this appeals to you, go ahead and apply!

Black Friday Sale

For Black Friday, CCP offered 15% off of PLEX, as well as some bonus SKINs. In addition, they brought back the Black Friday Tax Haven, which reduced in-game sales taxes. Also, daily boosters are available as log-in gifts until December 1, so make sure to grab yours. There are also two offers on the new Redclaw Sable SKIN until December 2. Buy 30 days of Omega to get one for the Rattlesnake, or a Multiple Pilot Training Certificate to get the SKIN for the Stratios.

Cyber Monday Sale

Deals are running for 15% off the various packages CCP offers. Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum will be discounted until 11:00 UTC December 2. The packs give skill points, PLEX, and some SKINs. Make sure to take advantage, if you need some extra skill points and PLEX.

Short One

There was not a lot going on this week, but some cool deals if you managed to take advantage of them. Make sure to grab the Cyber Monday deals while you can. Also, contact ISD if you like helping your fellow capsuleers.

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