CCP Weekly Wrap-Up May 11-17 2021


Header art by Cryo Huren

Nullification and Warp Core Stabilizers – Changes on Singularity

The first changes in many years to interdiction nullification, and especially warp core stabilizers, is live on the test server. These changes involve converting nullification and Warp Core Stabilizers into active modules with “substantial cooldowns.” While nullification has been somewhat of an issue, it is unclear why CCP is choosing to address it in this way. Likewise, I don’t know about you, but I didn’t think WCS had been a problem since circa 2006, when they were last nerfed. However, CCP must see the value in this change. You can test out the changes on Singularity.

Mobile Observatories – A Counter for Cloaking

A change that will undoubtedly ruffle feathers – a deployable – is being added to the game that has “a chance” of decloaking ships that are using a cloaking device. No word on what the chance is, but CCP did mention trying to reward active pilots by making recently activated cloaks more resistant to the observatory. The change is also live on Singularity, so give it a test.

Is it just me?

Do these changes inspire confidence or seem like much fun? Activating a module to gain your interdiction nullification just seems like a pain in the ass. The mobile observatory is a little cooler, but I would have liked to have seen some kind of “depth charge” mechanic, mixed in with maybe a little heat damage/buildup while using a cloak. God only knows how long one of these observatories will take to actually locate a cloaked ship.

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