CCP Offers Black Friday PLEX/AURUM Discounts


CCP Games is offering a significant discount on PLEX and Aurum in a one-day sale for Black Friday.

Black Friday — the name itself conjures up images of retail hell. The day after the Thanksgiving Holiday in the US, Black Friday has traditionally been the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. It’s a day of huge advertising blitzes and huge sales. In recent years, it’s unfortunately become a day when the shopping madness and competition for highly-coveted goods has racked up seven deaths and nearly a hundred serious injuries over the last ten years.

Normally, online sales tend to wait for what is now being called ‘Cyber Monday’. This year, CCP has unveiled package deals that offer 15% off the normal price for PLEX packs, and double the bonus AUR on Aurum packages. This puts the Black Friday deals at lower than the normal 5-10% discount rates CCP has traditionally offered on PLEX.

Winter is often a busy time in EVE, and over the last two weeks, average user counts have very slightly begun to show the normal end-of-the-year uptick. In addition to the obvious motivation of holiday sales (making money), CCP may be seeking to take advantage of the traditional trend and use the holiday to entice people to back to the game.

This article originally appeared on, written by Arrendis.

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