CCP Freezes Warlords and Camel ATXIII Prizes


On September 15, CCP Logibro announced that all prizes awarded to the first and second place teams of Alliance Tournament XIII, Warlords of the Deep and The Camel Empire respectively, are now frozen. The fate of the prizes will be decided after an investigation into illegal collusion between Warlords and Camel takes place.

The asset lockdown follows in the wake of information disclosed by DHB Wildcat, a now former member of the Warlords and ATXIII participant. DHB’s disclosure contained certain details of illegal and legal collaborative behavior between the Warlords and Camel.

CCP Logibro’s announcement reads as follows:

“Due to the ongoing investigation into the Warlords of the Deep and The Camel Empire teams in Alliance Tournament XIII, all prizes distributed to either team have been frozen and moved for safekeeping. This is intended to protect any further prospective buyers of these items in case we find that rules have been broken in the tournament and we need to remove prizes. Prize items will be returned to their original locations depending on the outcome of the investigation. Anyone affected by this should have received a mail from myself.

Prizes distributed to other teams are not affected by this action.

If you have been impacted by this and have further questions, please file a support ticket under Community.” 

Where to next?

Since the evidence posted by DHB Wildcat is not concrete in and of itself, CCP’s decision to seize all prizes earned by Warlords and Camel for the time being is interesting. CCP has not disclosed at this time whether additional details into the possible collusion have been found within their records, and no other incriminating evidence has surfaced from the EVE online community.

Moreover, if there was collusion, how careful were Warlords and Camels to hide it? If the evidence is circumstantial, how will CCP proceed?

We have reached out to Warlords for comment and will update the story accordingly with their response. Stay tuned as TMC continues to provide coverage on this developing story.

This article originally appeared on, written by Anehii.

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