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2019’s First ‘Streamer of the Month’

LifeshifterX 2019-01-11

INN’s first Streamer of the Month for 2019 is here! Mind1 taking the prize by storm. INN debuted the Streamer of the Month contest in October to help identify and support INN’s gaming streamers on its Twitch platform. We spoke…

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The Disbanding of CO2: A Requiem in Five Acts

Gray Doc 2018-12-13

The alliance Circle-Of-Two (CO2) announced on Dec. 2, 2018, that they were disbanding. INN released a brief news hit to mark the news, but I felt the disbanding deserved a longer treatment, because CO2 is one of the reasons, in a…

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November Streamer of the Month – Lizzie Fox

LifeshifterX 2018-11-05

The 2nd Streamer of the Month has been chosen with over 50 votes. INN debuted the Streamer of the Month contest last month to help identify and support its’s gaming streamers on its Twitch platform. We spoke to our winner,…

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October Streamer of the Month – Mind1

LifeshifterX 2018-10-05

The first Streamer of the Month has been chosen with over 190 votes, taking the prize by storm. INN debuted the Streamer of the Month contest two weeks ago to help identify and support INN’s gaming streamers on its Twitch…

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First Light on the Fifth Day – An interview with Lord Maldoror

Johnny Crowe 2018-09-11

When we claim that Eve is played on one server, what we truly mean to say is that those who play do so on the main server. Those who are locked behind a great wall, those who cannot play with…

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GM Week Interview – GM Stardust

Rhivre 2018-09-07

The recent GM week has generated a lot of interest among players, especially the Splat-A-Bot episodes.  We asked Lead GM Stardust a few questions about the event. INN: How did GM week come about? GM Stardust: The idea for GM…

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X47L-Q Final Timer: Reactions And Impressions From The Top

INN Staff 2018-08-16

Over the course of the Battle for the X47L-Q Keepstar we’ve seen the titan kill count eclipse that of B-R5RB. We have also seen innovative and new tactics employed that could change the future of supercapital engagements. Finally, a key…

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Killah Bee and the X47 Home Team

Savvy Kneel 2018-08-08

As INN readers know, we’ve been trying to capture a variety of perspectives on last week’s X47 Keepstar fight. Counting down to the Keepstar’s final timer, we checked in with NCdot’s Killah Bee to see what the fight looked like…

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X47L-Q Behind the Scenes: Thomas Lear and the Battle in O-N8XZ

Roudin 2018-08-07

Image by Redline. Many words have been written about the fighting in X47L-Q. But X47 was not the only action going on. At the same time, fighting took place in the Imperium’s mid-point system of O-N8XZ. Both reinforcements moving toward…

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X47L-Q: An Interview With Asher Elias

Roudin 2018-08-06

Image by Empanada. As part of INN’s look at the fighting over the X47L-Q Keepstar, we reached out to Asher Elias. Asher was the lead FC for the armor timer, and the man who made the critical decision to drop…

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X47L-Q: A Dragon’s Eye View

Arrendis 2018-08-06

Image by Redline. The Keepstar battle in X47L-Q marked one of the largest fights in EVE Online history. In terms of titans killed, it places behind only B-R5RB. And it far outpaces even that battle in the sheer amount of…

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The Real Hero of Providence: Lumio en Tilavine

Johnny Crowe 2018-06-01

Header art by Mintaki Warrior. Poet. Revolutionary. Hero. These are the words used to describe a pilot who this reporter half-heartedly believes chased off the PL menace from Providence. I recently had the honor to sit down and talk with…

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Hilmar: Back in the game

Rhivre 2018-05-30

Header art by: Mintaki At Fanfest this year, one of the most interesting parts of Hilmar’s speech was him mentioning that he has started playing Eve again. He mentioned that he had done PI, and later, it was announced that…

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A look at learning corporations: EVE University

Hideo Date 2018-05-17

Header art by Major Sniper Learning corporations occupy a unique and important place in New Eden. They are, if luck permits, often one of the first point of contacts for new capsuleers. It is safe to say that EVE is…