November Streamer of the Month – Lizzie Fox


The 2nd Streamer of the Month has been chosen with over 50 votes. INN debuted the Streamer of the Month contest last month to help identify and support its’s gaming streamers on its Twitch platform. We spoke to our winner, RepSwarm / Heal Team Six Member Lizzie Fox, who had this to say.

INN: First of all, congratulations. Can you tell us who you are?

Lizzie Fox: My name is Lizzie – I’m known on Twitch as lizri or Lizzie Fox (those are also my IGNs for nearly all the games I play). I’m a full time software engineering student at Penn State during the week and a bartender at a whiskey bar on the weekends. In my free time I’m an avid gamer, dabble in graphic design, and run an online shop where I sell resin castings for jewelry and housewares. On Twitch I classify myself as a variety streamer since my attention is always shifting and I go through phases of being intensely focused on a certain game. This also gives me the freedom to do “first look” type of streams, or stream less common or new titles, where we review and test out games in early access or alpha/beta. I want to eventually work in game development so I love being able to take part in helping to improve a game as a player.

INN: How long have you been streaming?

Lizzie Fox: I’ve been streaming on Twitch officially for two years (as of Nov 2), but I’ve been taking streaming more seriously only since I built my PC last summer.

INN: What inspired you to become a streamer?

Lizzie Fox: I stream as a way of connecting with a community of gaming enthusiasts and sharing my love for gaming with others. I have been active on Twitch as a viewer for a long time, several years, so I had an idea of the kind of experience I wanted to provide as a streamer. As a viewer it’s always nice to have a fun stream to hang out in and watch if you’re home alone or even just coming home from a really long day, to have a safe space to unwind a little. I wanted to be able to provide a space like that for others and foster a welcoming and laid back community. As soon as I built a PC capable of streaming games at high FPS I started my own channel.

INN: How did you get into streaming?

Lizzie Fox: I love talking with people, as evidenced by my “day job” as a bartender (which is technically a night job). In that aspect I guess I’ve been in the business of entertaining people for about six years! I love that streaming also allows me to talk with people from across the globe that otherwise I would never get a chance to meet. I have an amazing community that is always encouraging and fun, and they’re what keep me motivated to always put out the best possible content I can for them and to be trying to improve myself as a streamer.

INN: What are your future plans for streaming on your own channel?

Lizzie Fox: I definitely want to integrate some creative streams into my rotation since creating is such a big part of my life outside of the gaming world. I’m very happy with where my stream is right now, but of course every streamer always wants to see their community thrive and grow. My philosophy is that I would rather grow slowly and house a community of people who truly care about one another, as sappy as that sounds. I want my viewers to feel comfortable talking not just to me but to each other in chat, and I think so far we have that going on which makes me so happy. As we grow, I’m looking forward to doing more charity streams and, schedule allowing, more themed stream-a-thons. I may eventually incorporate a YouTube channel as a place to archive VODs and highlights, but I think that’s still a ways off. 🙂

INN: What games/content do you like to stream for the INN audience?

Lizzie Fox: For my fellow Goons I like to keep it fun, and that means playing games that I love and that I know people will love to watch (even if the stream basically turns into [Game Title] Fail Compilation). I like to be myself and focus on viewer interaction more than hardcore zero-deaths style gameplay – I don’t mind being silly or putting myself into situations I know I don’t quite have the skill for as long as we all get a good laugh out of it. This means I’m usually playing shooters (Destiny 2, Overwatch) or MMOs (ESO). When my schedule allows I will return to the INN channel to reinstate favorites such as When Logis Attack and Sip & Scan, but for now those will still be making an appearance on my home channel.

INN: What advice would you give to future streamers/content creators?

Lizzie Fox: Growing your channel takes hard work and dedication, which sounds really cliche but it’s true. The best advice ever given to me was from a fellow streamer, (who told me) “Imagine your channel is like a TV show. Think of how you always tune in at the time your favorite show is scheduled to start. How would you feel if episodes never came on with no explanation? Consistency and communication are key.” That being said, give yourself a realistic stream schedule. I definitely made the mistake of trying to do too much when I first started, and quickly realized that I would not be able to maintain it. Don’t push yourself too hard, take time for IRL and for yourself. If you have to miss a stream, just let your viewers know. Focus on having fun first. If you go into it planning to make it a source of income, or expecting your channel to blow up right away, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment and missing the point of what being a streamer is about. Don’t take yourself too seriously – viewers WANT to be able to relate to you and if you’re true to your personality and just have fun with it, that will happen.

INN: Tell us when we can find you on Twitch?

Lizzie Fox: I stream Tuesdays 5-7pm EST & Thursdays 5-8pm EST on FatBeeTV; and Wednesdays 5-8pm EST on my channel. I also do occasional Sunday/Monday streams on my channel when my schedule allows, which I always announce on Twitter and in Discord.

INN: How can the audience find you on social media?

Lizzie Fox: – – Community Discord

Be sure to check out Lizzie Fox all month long as the featured Streamer of the Month on her channels and Also FatBee_TV!

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