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EVE Artists: An Interview with Corrin Mor

JuriusDoctor 2020-12-08

It’s a common adage that a picture is worth a thousand words, and if that’s the case then Corrin Mor’s animated gifs and video creations could fill the Library of Congress. Corrin runs the EVE Creative Discord and helps mentor…

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EVE Artists: An Interview with RixxJavix

JuriusDoctor 2020-12-05

Among the great artists in the community – an expansive community of artists you can join here – there are a few notable names which are near ubiquitous. Like the Dutch masters in painting, everyone knows them, and their work…

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EVE Artists: An Interview with CCP Aperture

JuriusDoctor 2020-11-24

[Editor’s Note: This is part one of an occasional series about EVE artists] We recently learned that one of New Eden’s most well-known creatives, Razorien, officially joined our favourite developers as CCP Aperture. While he is an experienced player, and…

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The Butterfly Effect

Shocku 2020-11-01

In EVE, the choices you make shape the outcome of events. So goes a video released by CCP over a decade ago. But out of the 20,000-30,000 players online at any one time, is it really true that a single…

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Sedition’s Ambition

Cato Azizora 2020-10-21

As the war between the Imperium and PAPI, and their attendant media voices, cast a shadow over southern New Eden, smaller groups have taken advantage of the sunlight elsewhere and prospered. Null blocs are used to their actions being memed…

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How I Got the Hel out of Deklein – A Retvet Story

Shocku 2020-10-08

All art by Redline XIII. For the better part of a decade since I last played EVE Online, one of my pilots lay in cryosleep aboard a Hel supercarrier where she had logged off at a POS in a northern…

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Retaking Fountain, Plus an Ark

Ban Syrin 2020-09-19

Monday, September 7, was part of a sluggish week 10 in World War Bee and The Initiative (INIT), an alliance known for taking the fight to its enemies, wasn’t about to let that opportunity slide. As EUTZ  prime time rolled around,…

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25 iHubs & Niarja: 24 Hours with Imperium Sigs

Ban Syrin 2020-08-25

As World War Bee wrapped up its sixth week of conflict August 16, PandaFam and its allies had reinforced a critical Imperium Keepstar into armor and the next round was well under way. During INN’s live stream coverage, Mifune SwordGod…

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Perimeter Keepstar Attack: An Evolution of Playstyle

Robert Miller 2020-08-08

The Perimeter Keepstar will be attacked at 19:00 UTC on August 10. The attackers will primarily fly T1 Destroyers, with plans to reship when necessary from a stash of 20,000 ships kept nearby. The Keepstar in question was anchored in…

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Flyposters and the War on Graffiti

Calyle Morrison 2020-07-19

With war broken out amongst the null blocs and EVE celebrating various galactic holidays, clean up crews across the cluster are working overtime to ensure that the space lanes are litter free. But while salvagers will be getting plump on…

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Interview: Carneros, of The Bastion

Seneca 2020-07-03

One of the biggest decisions for a player is what corporation to join, if they should make one for themselves, or if they should just stay in their default NPC corp. Some players come to EVE having been leaders of…

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EVE Echoes Interview: CCP Rax and CCP Alpha

SatelliteMind 2020-05-26

The following interview was conducted by SovereignRPG with CCP Rax and CCP Alpha about the upcoming mobile version of EVE Online known as EVE Echoes. It took place prior to news that the Echoes release date has been set for mid-August…

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Interview: Sothrasil, The Angry German

Ban Syrin 2020-05-18

“I go by Sothrasil,” he said, “but people call me the Angry German. I enjoy making things better. I didn’t think what was happening was good enough, so I stepped in and tried to help.” As a young fleet commander…

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Tournament Victor Loses In Lowsec

Calyle Morrison 2020-04-26

A limited edition Victor was lost April 23 in a skirmish in Black Rise between five pilots. The rare Guardian Angel force recon, awarded as BPCs in the 2017 Alliance Tournament, was the fourth such ship lost, and the second one…