Breaking News – SH1 being evacuated


In a move that will likely surprise no one PanFam seem to be evacuating assets from their front line staging system of SH1.

Signs of such a move were already spotted earlier in the week, including unusual capital movements from members of PanFam. Generally the movement is further to the East. A primary route appears to be through the systems of P3EN and Q-EH, both in Vale of the Silent. Numerous capital ships have been observed moving in a relatively steady stream. It is almost as if line members were advised to quietly move such assets back from the front line.

This move may have been caused by the pushing forward of the Imperium forces into the region of Vale of the Silent. Specifically the system of P3EN has gained attention from the Imperium with the iHub being destroyed last Sunday. The PanFam-owned Keepstar within P3EN also has been hit and no longer has shields in place. Also this week we saw the removal of the M-O Keepstar with no defence offered from PanFam forces. In essence the noose around SH1 is tightening and those in the know sense what the future holds.

A constant flow of Jump Freighters has also been seen. As we know only too well it has not been through the need of PanFam to ship in replacement hulls, as in the main as they have frequently declined to undock. This can only mean that goods are in fact flowing the other way.

This is supported also by the publicly available contracts with the region of Tribute. Some deals are to be had in the region for the more astute or risk taking trader.

Ultimately the MER may offer some insight as to the movements from Tribute. But this is the second time we have seen significant capital movements from PanFam. The first was but a couple of weeks ago when they pulled their forces from Malpais into Tribute.

With the impending collapse of Skill Urself you also have to wonder if this is a re-positioning in order to cover that very empty gap of 259 systems.

For those naysayers I leave you with this.

As always we will try to keep you posted with the latest developments in New Eden, no matter where they are. If you wish feel free to express your thoughts in the comments section.

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