Goonswarm Federation Declares War Against Mogul Financial


While there’s a war that might not be a war going on in the north, a whole new front has opened up in high-sec space as Goonswarm declare war on Eve-Mogul. Who are Mogul and what do they do? Eve-Mogul’s website describes them as the following:

EVE-Mogul is a project started and maintained by Jeronica. It was started in early 2014 as an attempt to monitor and analyze market trading, at a time when there weren’t many services available to do so. After the first iterations, it was made public and has been in operation ever since.

Mogul offer a variety of economic services, some for free and some on a subscription basis. These services include access to a number of market Fortizars and Sotiyos, software to help players track their transactions, and investing in their player-run business ventures via an IPO. This all seems fairly harmless, and as such might raise the question, “Why are they being targeted?”

The short answer is that some of their services – especially the structure-based ones – are being provided to players or organizations on the Imperium’s kill list, meaning that their structures fall under the list of valid targets to be destroyed. To give one specific example, Mogul operated a semi-freeported supercapital yard that was producing a titan in M-0EE8. This yard was not open to goons, so it was seen as a hostile target.

As of now, Mogul operates four Sotiyos in high-sec space as well as T2 rigged refining Athanors, each with a high index showing uses and ISK generation. Their destruction will funnel ISK into the Tranquility Trading Tower services which operate a profit share with TEST, PH, and goons. By removing competition, the Imperium looks to gain more ground and control over HS markets.

Will we see fighting taking place in high-sec over the structures? Or will the 24-hour warning give enough time for a deal to be brokered for the structures? Either way, we find out later in the week as this story progresses.


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  • phuzz

    “Tranquility Trading Tower services […] operate a profit share with TEST, PH, and goons”
    Is that a polite way of saying that they have to pay three lots of protection money?

    June 17, 2019 at 12:12 PM
    • William Grayson phuzz

      I think it’s a polite way of saying that there is no amount of ISK in the universe that could secure their protection xD

      June 17, 2019 at 12:37 PM