Another ex-Nulli Titan perishes in Aridia


Continuing a trend of this being a bad week for titans, an Association of Commonwealth Enterprises [A-C-E] (formerly Nulli Secunda) Avatar bit the dust on September 7.

Suki Antollare’s Avatar was judged and found wanting in Gens (0.2, Aridia) at 18:45 EVE time, to the tune of 109bn ISK. The final blow and top damage was dealt by Avattron of Infernal Octopus [DBLOC], also in an Avatar. This was after being dogpiled by an AXIOS. [AXIOS] and LowSechnya Sholupen [-LSH-] fleet consisting of eleven dreads, five titans, two supercarriers, and a particularly deadly capsule piloted by Qwen Zu that got the third most damage. (It’s a killboard bug — he was actually in a Moros).

The same corporation lost an Avatar and an Erebus two days earlier in Ajna (0.2, Aridia) to a Pandemic Legion [-10.0] supercap-hunting fleet as reported on earlier.

These recent titan losses are likely due at least indirectly to confusion in the aftermath of the dissolution of Nulli Secunda.

TMC has contacted the parties involved, and will update this article if comment is received.

This article originally appeared on, written by Ramon Rakow.

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