WoWS: Launch date set for September 17


Recently, Wargaming announced that World of Warships (WoWS) will transition from open beta to full release on September 17. While the launch build of WoWS will be much the same as the current open beta version, a few welcome additions will be arriving. Have no fear, there is no plan for any progress wipe for the game’s official launch.

At, launch the lineup of ships available includes cruisers, destroyers, battleships and carriers. In total, over 80 unique vessels will be available, including complete Japan and USA tech trees, and a few German, British, and USSR ships. The launch will also include the release of the Tirpitz German battleship. A video by SideStrafe embedded below shows footage of the Tirpitz in action.

Additionally on launch day, Season 1 of Ranked Battles will commence. Ranked Battles will be eligible for players who have reached a level nine Service Record. Ranked Battles will feature seven vs. seven domination matches and pit the player against skill-matched opponents. Players earn stars for each victory, in addition to the usual credits and XP.  Ranking up will occurs as more stars are acquired. Once the player enters rank two, each loss will substract stars and potentially cause them to de-rank. Yet-to-be announced unique awards await those who break through the fray and secure top tier rank.

Stay tuned to TMC as we continue to provide coverage of WoWS including guides, updates and periodic live streams. The full transcript of the WoWS release date announcement is provided on Page 2.



World of Warships Official Launch Date Announced

Get ready for giant naval battles on the high seas on September 17

September 03, 2015 — Wargaming today announced World of Warships will officially launch on September 17. After dominating new ground with World of Tanks, and conquering the skies with World of Warplanes, World of Warships arrives, bringing thrilling naval warfare to players everywhere. The highly anticipated game of strategic naval combat will set sail with four classes of ships, a vast selection of historic vessels and endless strategic approaches to winning the fight for the high seas.

“Based on our Open Beta success with World of Warships, Wargaming is poised to launch our next big game,” stated Fred Menou, Head of Global Publishing, Wargaming. “With 2 million participants and the average player spending 3 hours a day in game we have an armada of sea captains ready to take the helm of the ultimate naval combat game.”

On September 17th, players will have four distinct classes of warships to command, featuring some of history’s most iconic vessels including legendary battleship Yamato and aircraft carrier Midway. Two full Tech Trees from the U.S. and Japan are available at launch, and several vessels from the U.K, Germany, and the U.S.S.R, including Warspite, Tirpitz, and Aurora also enter the fight. In total, there are currently over 80 historical vessels available, with more nations on their way this year.

The wait is over. Set course and take control of colossal vessels in epic World of Warships battles. Action Stations!

For the latest information, visit the official World of Warships website: (North America) (Europe) * (Asia)

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