Two Titans Down in Aridia


On September 6, two titans, an Avatar and an Erebus, owned by Shadow867 Koraka and tiberius79p of then-Nulli Secunda corporation Association of Commonwealth Enterprises respectively, were destroyed by a Pandemic Legion Sleipnir/supercapital fleet. The Titan owners and the corporation’s CEO have been reached for comment with no reply, and Pandemic Legion members have been silent on the issue, claiming OPSEC when asked for comment.

Reddit user Survilus reported having a feeling about a moon in Ajna, where he warped to and decloaked three Titans. There must be far more to the story than that, but without comment from any of the involved parties, all TMC can offer as to how the Titans were really found would be speculation. Regardless, he tackled the two titans above, having just two points, and managed to call in a nearby Pandemic Legion supercapital fleet that was up to OPSEC things for the kill.

The rest is history, filled with many doomsdays and fighter bombers. A video of the kills was posted to Youtube for those interested in watching yet more supercaps meet a fiery fate. If more information becomes available TMC will update this article accordingly.

Update: Shadow867 Koraka has sent in his account of the action.

Our corp was moving to our new home. Our first mid point was clear so we quickly logged in and jumped. We warped off to a safe soon as we landed and cloaked up to wait out our fatigue. While waiting we saw PL alts show up in system and saw combat probes on scan and from that point on we knew we were being hunted. We also discovered they had eyes on any possible direction.

We couldnt go back, we couldnt go forward, nor could we safe log. Downtime was not for another 6 hours and lot of us were struggling to stay awake and had fear of disconnecting and losing our whole fleet. The only logical choice was to move forward. We had anchored up a pos at the next midpoint, waited for it to online and jumped off grid of the pos when the system was empty. Upon jumping, PL had alts immediately log in and lit a cyno right off our pos and began probing us down. Our titans had bumped so there was no chance of getting into warp so the only thing we could do was cloak up.
Our supers made it into warp just as their hictors landed. They lit another cyno and brought in more ships and scattered off in every direction to decloak us. They had brought several hictors which was way more than enough to throw multiple points on everything we had. Moments later they brought in their entire super cap fleet to whore in on the kill. We were just caught in a very unlucky situation.

This article originally appeared on, written by Siaka Stevens.

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