AT XIII Weekend I Commentary: Laz & Elise


Alliance Tournament Season is on us once again! With the first weekend’s preliminary action wrapped up, TMC’s own Lazarus Telraven and Elise Randolph of Pandemic Legion have teamed up once again to provide expert commentary on the matches in a 5-part YouTube video set. For the viewing convenience of those looking for specific matches, we’re also happy to provide links directly to the start of each match.

Spacemonkey’s Alliance vs -affliction-

Chaos Collective vs. Scary Wormhole People

CAStabouts vs. The Gorgon Empire and Spawn

Suddenly Spaceships. vs. Alternate Allegiance

Exodus. vs. Out of Sight.

Affirmative. vs. The Bastards.

Rote Kapelle vs Dead Terrorists

The Tuskars Co. vs Curatores Veritatis Alliance

Quebec United Legions vs. Project.Mayhem

Warlords of the Deep vs. The Methodical Alliance

Black Legion. Vs. Verge of Collapse

The Afterlife. Vs. Together We Solo

End of Life vs. Gone Critical


M.I.F. vs. Triumirate

Nerfed Alliance Go Away vs. Dream Fleet

Nullie Secunda vs. Ministry of Inappropriate Footwork

That Escalated Quickly vs. The WeHurt Initiative

Phoebe Freeport Republic vs. Brave Collective

Drop the Hammer vs. 404 Alliance Not Found

Test Alliance Please Ignore vs. Vox Populi

Tactical Narcotics Team vs. Circle-of-Two

WAFFLES. Vs. Brothers in Arms Alliance

Pandemic Legion vs. Nihilists Social Club

The Kadeshi vs. RAZOR Alliance

The G0dfathers vs. Hard Knocks Citizens

A Band Apart. Vs The Explicit Alliance


It Must Be Jelly Cause Jam Don’t Shake vs. Forsaken Federation

Shadow Cartel vs. Northern Coalition

Pandemic Horde vs. Confederation of xXPIZZAXx

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