Voting for CSM 16 Opens Today


Editor’s Update: at the time of publishing, CSM voting was impossible due to technical issues with the website. This has now been resolved. I implore everyone reading to cast their vote(s), and do it as soon as possible.

CCP has opened voting for CSM 16 today; votes can be cast on the voting site published by CCP. Voting will remain open for one week and closes at 11:00 UTC on the 15th of June. Every active Omega account that is at least 60 days old can cast a vote, so vote early, and (if you have multiple Omega accounts) vote often!

47 candidates met CCP’s requirements to compete for the 10 seats on the council. Players vote by submitting a ranked list of 10 candidates that they would like to see elected. Results are expected to be announced shortly after voting closes.

The Imperium’s Official Slate

On Saturday, The Imperium announced its official ranked slate of 10 candidates that all coalition are strongly encouraged to vote for. Each of the 10 was introduced on the Meta Show and given an opportunity to advertise their candidacy.

Vote 1: Merkelchen

CEO of Karmafleet and member of the Imperium’s senior leadership, Merkelchen is running for his third term on the CSM.

Vote 2: Innominate

A Goon since 2006 and member of Karmafleet since 2018, Innominate is a popular and long-standing member of the CSM running for his sixth term.

Vote 3: Brisc Rubal

A member of the Initiative and – as co-host of the Meta Show – one of the most prominent public voices in the Imperium, Brisc is running for his third term on the CSM. Brisc has a hilarious campaign advert, if you haven’t seen this yet.

Vote 4: Baculus Orden

Baculus Orden is a member of Delta Sqad, and graced the EVE community with the saxiest endorsement of the campaign season. He is running for his first term on the CSM.

Vote 5: Broodin

Broodin is a member of Karmafleet who is heavily involved in new player support and training with Karmafleet University. He is running for his first term on the CSM.

Vote 6: Angry Mustache

Angry Mustache is a member of Karmafleet and frequently contributes high quality MER analysis and battle reports on the r/EVE subreddit. He is running for his first term on the CSM.

Vote 7: Micromancer

Micromancer is a member of Karmafleet and EVE content creator on Twitch. Micromancer is also known for being a living meme on the SomethingAwful forums. He is running for his first term on the CSM.

Vote 8: Xenuria

Xenuria is a skilled relationship builder with wide experience across nullsec. He is running for his second term on the CSM.

Vote 9: Suitonia

A player with almost 15 years experience and former member of Karmafleet, Suitonia is a member of WE FORM V0LTA. He is running for this third term on the CSM.

Vote 10: i Beast

i Beast is the official main of Russian streamer Lussy Lou. He is running for his first term on the CSM.

Are you excited about this year’s CSM elections? What are your thoughts about the CSM? Let us know in the comments down below!

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  • Guilford Australis

    The candidates all made campaign statements describing their experience and specialization(s) in EVE.

    The entirety of PGL’s statement was “I co-run all the big wars.”

    Hilariously ironic, without even a hint of self-awareness. Gobbins is dragging this buffoon around on a silk-upholstered couch in the current war. PGL’s last war (against FRT) consisted largely of fleet-invite scams in FRT’s staging system until Noraus surrendered because he was tired of members who didn’t know any better getting scammed. PGL’s last war before that was an attempt to invade the north circa January 2019, which ended after Horde curb-stomped TEST in a couple of capital brawls. Before that it was the Fountain War, in which Goons decimated PGL’s alliance.

    (I thought it would be helpful to provide some context for the conveniently vague phrase “all the big wars”).

    June 8, 2021 at 12:06 PM
    • “Gobbins is carrying this buffoon around on a silk-upholstered couch in the current war.”

      You say that as if he’s the one leading the war lol. Near as I can tell PAPI ONLY has co-leaders with none of them actually stepping up to try and properly coordinate the overall campaign.

      June 8, 2021 at 11:41 PM
      • Garreth Vlox Carvj94

        That makes it easier to blame it all on procoward and vily when this “invasion” ends with phorde deciding to go home and test being burned out of delve and sent to lowsec in record time without phordes numbers keeping them alive.

        June 9, 2021 at 1:48 AM
    • J Moravia Guilford Australis

      I think a lot of people have forgotten how thoroughly TEST got dumpstered back in 2019.

      June 8, 2021 at 11:42 PM
  • Xelistren

    I only got an alpha so I can’t vote, but I hope most if not all get elected to CSM.

    June 9, 2021 at 11:17 PM