TRI Membercorp CEO Tricked into Ghost Hel Purchase


June 5, 2015. Feelers employed by The Imperium’s Pooki Bear of AMOK. were approached by RsA Larza, CEO of the Triumvirate (TRI) member corporation Nexus TigerGrouper about the purchase of one Hel class supercarrier.  After negotiating a price and site for the trade, a cyno alt met up with RsA Larza, ISK amounting to 21.5 Bil was transferred, and no Hel was delivered.

TMC has previously reported on a similar act by Pooki Bear which resulted in the death of one NC. Hel supercarrier in April of this year.  RsA Larza, the alt of Arrnox, approached the Supercapital salesman initially via evemail that transpired into a direct conversation.

The price of 21.5 billion ISK for the travel fit Hel was agreed upon which included a typical layout of travel mods, shield tank and utility high slots.  When the conversation turned to delivery and eventual travel home, the errors in Arrnox’s thinking became increasingly clear.

RsA Larza > new to this area [Etherium Reach/Great Wildlands], do you know of a system that could work?

RsA Larza > konora i know we [TRI] use this as a mid

RsA Larza > konora – C-4D0W

RsA Larza > will that be in reach for jc 5?

Pooki Bear > no, you have to take that regional gate in n-r

It was apparent in the early stages of the conversation that Arrnox was very new to capital movement and its current range limitations.  Pooki Bear suggested a few spots and it was eventually agreed upon to meetup in Konora with a cyno alt, wherein the Hel would be sold, delivered and logged out in a safe.  At downtime the next day, the Hel would be moved into N-RAEL via fleet escort and jumped into C-4D0W.

RsA Larza > you come highly recommended, so I take it I do not need Chribba for this.

The two parties met up and the cyno ship was ready.  ISK was transferred and only a ghost Hel was delivered.

The ISK transfer posted to Pooki Bear’s account.

RsA Larza > isk send

RsA Larza > we good to go?

RsA Larza > so what now why you warp off

RsA Larza > what sup mate where did you go

RsA Larza > dude …

What is peculiar about this transaction was not only the incompetence of the buyer’s knowledge base in current capital movement techniques, it was also his reluctance to give away a system location of potential strategic importance to a stranger.  What is the importance of the Konora midpoint and C-4 to TRI?  Is C-4 a staging system for TRI supers? Could these action be only a minor view of TRI leadership, or does the logic of Arrnox speak volumes for the TRI membercorp-base as a whole?  TRI is currently involved in a major conflict in the east with S2N and others prior to the major fozzie sovereignty changes coming this July.  As the old adage goes, ‘loose lips sink ships’, and given the aforementioned actions of Arrnox, TRI should heed warning given their current state of affairs.

TMC has recently prepared a guide for similar activities should you be interested in pursuing this career path in New Eden.

This article originally appeared on, written by Anehii.

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