Theomachy 2015 – Results


Theomachy 2015 was an event that tried the mettle of each player involved. It resembles the Hunger Games in a way, with hidden loot and vessels scattered throughout the system. As readers of the books, or viewers of the last Theomachy event know, it gets hectic once the game starts.

This year’s Theomachy event was slightly different, in order to create more fun for the participants. Riela Tanal, director of the event, explained that Repercussus was making a few small changes to shake the game up. The first minutes of the match wouldn’t involve mobile warp disruptors or podding, giving plenty of time for players to find ships. Heavy and light interdictors, as well as ships capable of fitting covert cloaks were removed from the match, as these would have been immensely overpowered in the arena.

The way Theomachy worked, the players would be teleported to a system, and be able to scatter around, finding ships that were fitted with a random assortment of modules. One of the keys to survival in this arena is skill diversity. Every module is Tech 1, but you could end up with a Beam-Laser Dominix, or a Heavy Missile Launcher Armageddon. If you don’t have the corresponding skill, you might have a hard time finding a vessel that functions properly, and be easy prey for the others.

Theomachy occurred on the 8th of August on the Singularity test server. Despite the lack of real ISK lost, the prizes involved were enough to make the players fight tooth-and-nail. The first, second, and third place prizes were spectacular to say the least.

First Place: 12 PLEX and the EVE Collector’s Edition

Second Place: 6 PLEX and a copy of EVE Universe: The Art of New Eden

Third Place: 3 PLEX and a copy of True Stories from the First Decade.

Theomachy has prizes for the Top 40, as well as special hidden achievements for some, more resourceful or dastardly participants. Unlike the Hunger Games, you don’t necessarily have to be the last man or woman standing to win, but it wouldn’t hurt.

Robby Godfather narrowly won first place, largely because he looted one of the loot piñatas scattered throughout the match, which fatefully contained a full set of High-Grade Slave Implants. With his appearance at the final beacon in an armor-tanked battleship, his win was secured. Not to detract from the skill and participation of others, Repercussus included a special hidden achievement list. Some of the notable achievements and their winners include:

Frozen Death – First to be Podded – Ultra Cobra

First Blood – First Person to Pod Someone – Rajiin Banistaar

Barge Has No Fear – Most Kills with a Mining Barge – Gerandor Huren

No Nightlock Needed – Final Blow on Overseer’s Flagship Golem – Gelter Sabel

Chase the Prize – Kill the Prize Dramiel – Mystical Might

Repercussus also included a special Top Killer achievement for members of different factions. The winner of that faction would receive their choice of one of their faction’s Navy Battleships.

Notable lossmails included NotContinuum’s Moracha, and Riela Tanal’s Overseer Whiptail.

With the help of CCP, Repercussus was able to compile a list of all the killmails that occured during the Theomachy Event.

With Winners being contracted their prizes, the over-all consensus is that Theomachy 2015 went as well as its progenitor, and many are looking forward to enjoying the event next year. People interested in participating can register on the official Theomachy website.

A full recording of the Theomachy event can be found below.

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