and CCP Games Announce Kickstarter Campaign

2015-10-23 in partnership with CCP and best selling author Jeff Edwards is proud to announce that we’ll be bringing you the incredible story of the Fountain War. Our kickstarter will fund a first of its kind book where an established author brings to life our story–the whole story–to immortalize and celebrate this moment of emergent player narrative.

The Fountain War has everything that makes a great story. Great personalities, betrayal, subterfuge, near losses, hard fought victories. Best of all, it’s a part of the long tapestry of EVE’s long history, the story of what really happened in our turbulent virtual world of New Eden.

My use of the word “our” is inclusive of the entire EVE community. As Goonswarm’s Chief of Staff and Lead Diplomat, and even as a two-term member of the CSM, I’m well acquainted with ‘grr goons sentiment.’ But while this particular story does involve us, it is not Goonswarm’s Story. It is the story of mighty space empires, their allies, their enemies, and everthing that led to the eventual culmination of the headline-making final stand at 6VDT. It is a story I’m excited to see told in fullness, and a momentuous event in our shared history that deserves to be preserved with all the gravity Jeff has promised to treat it.

To that end, we will provide more information on how you can send your story directly to Jeff, either in narrative form or primary source logs, forum posts, recordings, or anything else that you think deserves a place in the narrative. Jeff will sift through all of the material, interview key figures, and bring his trademark analytical abilities to bear to turn all of these fragments into a complete work. More details will follow on exactly how this will work in the coming days.

Here on we’ll reveal our backer rewards, publish preview snippets of the book, host special streams, and have special video content for you to enjoy. Stay tuned for more announcements.

I’m excited, which, for those of you have have had the misfortune of meeting me, you’ll know is not an emotion I come by easily. The prospect of having an author of Jeff’s calibre writing the story of the very real people who inhabit our game breaks even me out of my usual deadpan.

Thank you in advance, and we look forward to your support when the kickstarter goes live on November 3rd!

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This article was written by Sion Kumitomo, and originally appeared on under his byline.)

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