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EVE Online Lifeblood Expansion

Submission 2017-11-09

Editor’s Note: This article was submitted to us by Ghost Negotiator. EVE Online Lifeblood has recently been released on the Tranquility servers. This expansion has several new features including the long awaited moon mining revamp. When it comes to EVE…

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Patch Notes for Lifeblood Released

Stephanie Daugherty 2017-10-24

EVE Online’s newest expansion, Lifeblood, launches October 24th. The patch notes for the expansion were published today in advance of the release. Major highlights in Lifeblood include a complete redistribution of moon minerals, a complete overhaul of moon mining and…

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Dawn of Dune – The Goo Must Spew

Submission 2017-10-15

(This article originally appeared on the forums, written by Goonswarm Director Aryth. Aryth has graciously allowed us to present his wisdom to the greater player community.) Major economic changes are coming to EVE. Moons are being reallocated resource wise…

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Devpost: Little things for Lifeblood

Mischa Gau'ss Tesla 2017-09-14

Amidst everything else going on in New Eden, a new dev post arrived yesterday on Eve-O forums. This one is signed by CCP Karkur. As per usual, she -and her team- took care of small details that change our Eve lives….

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CCP Announce next expansion for Eve

Rhivre 2017-09-01

To start the month off with a bang, CCP released details of the next expansion for EVE, titled “Lifeblood”.  An announcement trailer was released along with updates to the, erm, updates page on the EVE Online site. Many of the…