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State of the Goonion – June 19 2022

Rhivre 2022-06-19

18 months after the last address, given just ahead of the battles of M2-XFE, a State of the Goonion (SOTG) was held on June 19 at 1800 UTC. What follows below is the text of the speech given by The…

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Self-Policing and Public Relations

Seir Luciel 2022-05-19

At 12:15 ET on March 23, Fraternity undocked over 30 Titans and a number of smaller ships. They then locked on to two of those Titans, Fraternity’s own, and blasted them into space dust. That’s right: Fraternity pointed the gun…

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Horde Resets Dozens of Former PAPI Members

VanPatton 2021-08-17

Ever since the end of WWB, many have been curious about the future of the now broken PAPI. Aside from the usual talk of TEST and BRAVE being in anarchy, the other PAPI members have seemed pretty safe. Living far…

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FRT & The Freemen

Elthar Nox 2021-02-22

The Freemen of the North and Winter Coalition announced a ceasefire that will end hostilities and hand control of Tribute over to Fraternity. To understand this eight week-long conflict that has drawn the attention of New Eden, we spoke to…

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Battle Report: Freemen hold D7-ZAC

Elthar Nox 2021-02-17

The Freemen of the North and allies from across New Eden repelled an attempt by Fraternity to flip their staging i-Hub in D7-ZAC in Tribute. Outnumbered and outgunned by Winter Coalition, Toilet Paper won the ISK war and saved the…

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Imperium Sacrifices 250 Dreads to Kill Keepstar in FWST-8

Arrendis 2020-10-05

OCT 5, 2020: FWST-8, DELVE—Nearly 3700 players clashed in NPC Delve today in what is likely the bloodiest single engagement of World War Bee. The fighting centered on an anchoring FRT Keepstar. Outnumbered by as many as 500 opponents, the…