Blood Raider

20 Eve Online

Shall We Play A Game? Emergent AI Results In All-NPC Fight

Rhivre 2018-02-20

“The CDIA Working Group on Emergent Threats has assessed the intercepted tactical communiques from Blood Raider Covenant field commanders, together with the material from Joint Harvesting provided by the Amarr Navy. It seems clear to us that the attack by…

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Bloodraider Lootboxes

Caleb Ayrania 2017-06-07

It’s been a hectic period in EVE online, playing around with the new Blood Raiders and working hard to figure out how they work, and how to whack the pinata for its candy. The details of how this feature was…

6 Eve Online

Liveblog – 2nd Blood Raider Sotiyo Final Timer

Rhivre 2017-05-26

Good afternoon and welcome to our coverage of the final timer of the Blood Raider Sotiyo Sotiyo in Z-M5A1 in Period Basis. The Sotiyo was reinforced yesterday by Dream Fleet using a Nyx, 2 Hels and a Vendetta. If you want…

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2nd Blood Raider Sotiyo Reinforced

Rhivre 2017-05-25

In the early afternoon of May 25 the second Blood Raider Sotiyo was reinforced by 4 pilots from Dream Fleet <DRF>. The Sotiyo had spawned in the system of Z-M5A1 in Period Basis and was located on May 24 by…

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Blood Raider Sotiyo – Server First for The Imperium

Moomin Amatin 2017-05-18

A new contender has arrived. As all of Eve is well aware, CCP have been attempting to up their game with regard to PvE within Eve Online. Initially, it took some time for the location to even be revealed as…

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Breaking News – First Blood Raiders Sotiyo Found

Rhivre 2017-05-12

After Tuesday’s patch introduced the Blood Raider Sotiyo to the game, the hunt has been on since Thursday to find it. Thursday was the first possible day that it could be found as the Blood Raiders needed to build it first….