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CO2 blows up last bits of sov in Fade

mistwarden 2018-10-06

This week, Circle-of-Two (C02) self-destructed all of their remaining TCUs and IHUBs in the Fade region. Likely a response to a pending sov bill, this appears to be a money-saving move to help cut back on their cost of living. For…

14 Editorial

Game Mechanics, And The Often Unheard Of Voices Of Smaller Entities

Dracos Rhaghar 2017-06-21

There has been a lot of uproar and complaining over the last month. Much of it has been people from major bloc entities arguing over CCP’s proposed fighter and fighter bomber changes. In the process, a lot of players have lost…

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EVE Spitballing: Ideas From A Player Meet-Up

JuriusDoctor 2017-05-31

I recently volunteered to take over the coordination of the Metro Vancouver area EVE Meetup. At some point during the night the conversation inevitably turns to either griping about game improvement, game features or the open discussion of changes we’d like…

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EVE Fanfest 2017 Reveals: CCP Signals the end of Aegis Sov?

Arrendis 2017-04-28

At this year’s FanFest, CCP discussed three upcoming changes to EVE’s gameplay; PvE improvement, changes to moon mining to facilitate Starbase removal, and the replacement of Stations and Outposts with destructible Citadels. Individually, these changes are all steps further down…

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War Rages in Catch

Thel Ancora 2017-01-13

The Stain Fraggin Coalition has been making large advances in Catch as part of their plan to take new space in the south. The past few days saw several brawls totaling over a hundred billion ISK lost on both sides….

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What does holding Sov really mean?

Robby Kasparic 2016-12-22

With the announced TEST and Co2 move to the region of Curse, one of the writers on INN staff, Dracos Rhaghar, has voiced concerns about how, should Circle of Test subjugate nearby regions, it could be the death knell of…

3 Editorial

Player Retention: Cradle to Grave After Grave

Arrendis 2016-09-25

Player retention is a matter of critical importance for the long-term health of any MMO. EVE is no different in that regard. For a game like EVE Online, it is even more important  than it is for more traditional MMOs. In EVE,…

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Phase Thee: Citadel Sovereignty

David Matterall 2016-07-26

EVE has entered phase three of the sov revamp. The largest citadels, the Keepstars, have begun making appearances in the newly conquered regions of the the north: Deklein (2O9G-D), Pure Blind (7RM-N0), and now Tribute (M-OEE8). More will follow to…

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Opinionated Analysis: The Future Iterations of Fozziesov

Submission 2015-09-13

Longtime readers of the Opinionated Analysis series will be well aware that this column has kept a fairly watchful eye on every aspect of Fozziesov, addressing everything from the principles behind the changes, to minor details and their implications. As…

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Submission 2015-09-07

(Editor’s Note: Today’s submission comes to us from Aryth, an old-school Goon who’s been playing EVE since 2005. These days, he exists primarily in the metagame, running both GSF Finance and GARPA, the team behind tools like the GARPA Topographical…