Steam Summer Sale Confirmed June 11th-21st


The Steam Summer Sale has been confirmed to be starting on June 11th, and lasting until June 21st, rumors surrounding the annual tradition of emptying your wallet into Gabe Newell’s ever increasing pile of money originally arose when the steam page on Russian social media site VK gave the date (presumably due to a miscommunication). However now we have received what is essentially an official confirmation of the error in the form of Paypal sending out promotional emails, offering to sell steam gift cards in preparation for the event.

Those unfamiliar with the concept of a steam sale are in for a treat, in the usual fashion of a sale, a large number of games are discounted across the store. However, every day a collection of games are advertised as “Daily Deals” and often have very large price cuts associated with them (usually in the region of 75-90% off). Additionally, every 8 hours a set of games get put up as “Flash Sales” with similar pricing to the Daily Deals. Finally there are “Community Choice” sales, in which the community is given a choice of three games, and votes for which one it wants to receive the largest discount. In order to save the maximum amount of money you should always refer to the below infographic before making a purchase.

If you miss out on a deal over the course of the sale, there is usually an “Encore Sale” on the last day, in which the most popular deals from throughout the sale are offered up again. The Steam Sale offers gamers with wallets of the thinner persuasion a great opportunity to buy a large collection of great games for a cheap price, those interested in getting into the mood for the sale need only refer to the event’s official anthem here.

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